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Khonnie by BandObsessedYouTuber
Khonnieby BandObsessedYouTuber
  • hall
  • bored
  • khonnie
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Touch by LittleSimplicity
Touchby Jewby
Ever thought that you would fall in love for someone you hated? Neither did Kyle when he felt Cartman's lips pressed against his for the very first time. If only they kn...
  • sacerfice
  • kyman
  • touch
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She is Love by NarniaSailor
She is Loveby madds!!!!
-C o m p l e t e d- Friendship should all be about trust, right? Wrong. Or that's how Farah feels nowadays in her recent and old relationships. But by her getting caught...
  • maddstarfishhie
  • night
  • kyle
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suicidal kid x reader by flamalama7383828
suicidal kid x readerby phil trash
U the reader and a corpse kid (?)
  • coffin
  • dead
  • idk3
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Alastair by Ataraxiz
Alastairby Ataraxiz
"Just below the height of the hill stood Medias in flames, smoke pouring from each and every rooftop. The sounds of burning wood and the cries of men, children, and...
  • darkness
  • shapeshifters
  • magic
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Forbidden by MusicSavesLives
Forbiddenby Emily
Kyle comes to the High School as the new emo kid that no one knows anything about. Carrie immediately takes a liking to Kyle and his down to earth personality which is a...
  • kyle
  • abuse
  • nate
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Touring with 5sos by T-BEAU57
Touring with 5sosby T-BEAU57
When inked become Internet famous
  • logan
  • luke
  • alfie
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I love you Johnnie (kohnnie) by iluvB0TDF2341
I love you Johnnie (kohnnie)by iluvB0TDF2341
Johnnie is a depressed gay teenager. He's depressed because he's in love with his best friend Kyle. But kyle is straight. Or so Johnnie thinks.
  • johnnie
  • kohnnie
  • kyle
Trust Me (sequel to For Life)(boyxboy) by insaneweirdness
Trust Me (sequel to For Life)( Bands are everything
This is the sequel to For Life. It's about Johnnie's and Kyle's life after they 'broke up' it will be mainly written from Kyle's POV with some exceptions here and there...
  • johnnie
  • kyle
  • kohnnie
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That February by BitByLife
That Februaryby BitByLife
  • abby
  • sean
  • february
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Adopted Mates by sneakyxxpanda
Adopted Matesby sneakyxxpanda
Kyle and Ellie were brought up with each other, thinking they were born into a big happy family as twins but not everything is as it seems. Now they are 17 they ask more...
  • mates
  • werewolf
  • alpha
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suicide forest  by soroxas023
suicide forest by Kyle beast
People and lovers killed themselves in this forest.
  • kyle
  • team
OUR ENDLESS WINTER by Xxdark_demoniCxX
A love triangle between friends Hope you love it (^__^)
  • southparkfanfiction
  • kyle
  • kenny
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The Heart Trap (NaNoWriMo) by JeekieB
The Heart Trap (NaNoWriMo)by Jackie
Chloe Parker moves from her home town, Florence, Alabama to move on from her troubled past and start over. But is there more drama for her here than there was before? Wh...
  • heartbreak
  • chloe
  • washington
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It's In The Way You Move (Cory La Quay Fan Fic) by iluvsws_ptv
It's In The Way You Move (Cory Hi-Me
When Maria meets Cory she instantly falls in love with him. She's never met anyone like him. But Maria's never had a boyfriend for one huge reason that she's never told...
  • woman
  • drummer
  • music
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