Not So Unwilling: Chapter Nine

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Chapter Nine


I skipped soccer practice after Tim finally let me go. It was already 3:15 by the time I left anyway, so I knew that Coach would rip my head off if I did show up late. I sent him an email from my phone telling him I had some lady problems I needed to take care of. I knew that he wouldn't approach me by saying that. Coach was very masculine.

I hopped in my car and headed to the local library. WHS had a library, but it was full of reference books and boring crap like that and the local library wasn't as crowded with kids trying to cram for tests and finish term papers. It was quiet and smelled nice like a real library should. I worked there over the summers and after soccer season was over also. I just sat at the desk and put books away, checked them in and out, and helped people who required assistance in finding a certain book or periodical of some sort. I enjoyed the job very much. I got to be surrounded with my second favorite things in the world every day.

I parked my car in the lot and walked through the double doors, the smell of pages and pages of printed letters, words, sentences, and paragraphs hitting me. I smiled and took a deep whiff. Oh, how I loved the library.

I spotted Dorothy, a co-worker of mine, sitting at her desk reading a novel with complete concentration. She pushed up her spectacles that were falling down the bridge of her nose as she turned the page. I hated to interrupt her while she was so engrossed in the book, but I just had to greet her. She had been gone for the entire month of August on vacation with her husband, Whit, for their 40th anniversary, so I hadn't seen her in forever. Dorothy was kind of like the grandmother I'd never had. I asked her for advice and stuff because my mom was kind of bad at giving advice and guiding me. My mom was a weak person as you can probably tell because she was still with my dad.

"Dorothy!" I whisper-yelled (I was in a library, after all.)

She looked up at me and smiled. She looked tan and had this great glow vibrating off her skin. "Jasmine!" She exclaimed putting her book down, walking out from behind the desk, and embracing me. I hugged her back and breathed in her lavender scent.

"Oh my God, I missed you so much, Dorothy! How was the Bahamas?"

"I missed you too, my darling! Oh, and the Bahamas were beautiful. I don't think I've seen a more beautiful place in my life."

She talked for a while about how she had gone sky diving and snorkeling and all that fun stuff. Then, she asked me about how my senior year was going and I cracked down and told her about my predicament except I left out the part of me being abused my father. One person knowing was plenty enough for me.

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