Not So Unwilling: Chapter Twenty Seven

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Chapter Twenty Seven

                I was on fire as Tim's lips brushed against mine. Every part of my body tingled so vibrantly that I felt like at any moment I was going to launch into the sky and land on the moon like a firework.

                Tim moved his head back a bit to look at my reaction. "Is this okay?"

                My brain screamed for me to say no and get the hell away from this guy who was bound to break my heart. But, I was a stupid, arrogant, lusting teenage girl and I nodded my head and pulled Tim's lips back to mine, needing to touch them like the human body needed oxygen.

                Tim put his warm hands on my face and deepened the kiss. I had my arms wrapped tightly around his waist, pressing his body harder against mine. I wanted this guy so bad it physically hurt.

                I moaned when Tim licked my bottom lip and moved my hands from his waist to the nape of his neck. I buried my hands in his thick hair and kissed him harder.

                It was by far the best kiss I had ever experienced in my entire life. I felt like I was flying over the world like a bird, swerving through the fluffy clouds at high speed. I was high on kissing Tim.

                We broke apart for a breath and Tim leaned his head down and started to softly kiss my neck. "You're an amazing kisser, Jasmine," he whispered huskily in my neck. I moaned in response as he sucked on my jugular. I truly felt like Tim was a vampire and was sucking my blood because there were so many endorphins running through my body at the moment, it was ludicrous.

                Tim moved his hands from my face to my hip and down to my hip. His hand inched lower and lower until he was feeling my ass and thigh and hitching my leg around his hip. My leg wouldn't go very far because of the tight dress.

                Just when things were getting extra hot and I was pretty sure that I was going to rape Tim, a bright light flashed onto our faces. We jumped away from each other startled. A cop was standing in front of us with one hand on his hip and the other holding the flashlight to our faces.

                "What are you kids doing out here at 2 o'clock in the morning?" He asked in a tired voice.

                I was completely frozen in shock. All I could think about was that if I got arrested how I was going to kill Tim. No good colleges accepted people who had been arrested. It was a proven fact. I wanted to cry. That's what I got for making out with Tim. God, I was turning into a stupid whore.

                "We were just leaving," said Tim, taking my hand and pulling me closer to him. I moved closer to him but I took my hand out of his. I was kind of mad at Tim at that moment. Actually I was more mad at myself, but still mad at Tim at the same time.

                "Good," said the officer, watching us as we walked to Tim's mustang.

                I silently got into the passenger side of the car and buckled myself in. Tim got in also and started the car. We drove away from the park and towards my neighborhood.

                The car ride was completely silent until all of a sudden, Scotty Doesn't Know by Lustra started blasting. It was my phone. I picked up my black purse and dug around for my phone. I knew it was Lauren calling by the special ring tone. Scotty Doesn't Know from Eurotrip was our song.

                I finally found it and slid it open. Lauren was calling me, which was weird because Lauren and I weren't much for calling each other unless it was a dire situation that needed to be discussed. We usually just stuck to texting.

                I pressed the green answer button and said: "Hello."

                "Hey, Jasmine," said Lauren through the other line.

                "Hey, what's up?" I asked.

                "You're dad called me freaking out because you weren't home." Oh crap.

                "Oh, what did you say?"

                "I told him that you were sleeping over my house tonight."

                "Did he believe you?" I asked.

                "Yeah, he did. He asked to talk to you but I told him that you were in the shower and that we were going to hit the hay really soon."

                I sighed in relief. "Thanks so much, Lauren."

                "Yeah, yeah, whatever. Just don't go home. Come over to my house."

                "OK, I'll be there soon."

                "Kay, see you soon."

                "Ditto." I shut my phone shut and slid it back into my purse.

                I turned to Tim. "I'm not going home. Take me to Lauren's house instead."

                "OK," he said, pulling into someone's driveway and turning the car in the other direction.

                I leaned back into the leather seat and felt myself drifting off. I was so tired.      


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