Games of Chance by Strawberry_Cream1928
Games of Chanceby ❄️Queen Saralee❄️
Chase "Numbers" Hewkin is the textbook definition of a high school loser: hopelessly introverted, a genius at math, and fanboy-obsessed with Juliana VanderSche...
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Opinions On Ships by CottontailMorlace
Opinions On Shipsby Marnie C. Evans
This book will consist of my genuine opinions on various ships - most of which will be ships you guys request! More info can be found inside!
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day n nite | charmie by _sweet_timmy_
day n nite | charmieby not active
they say that the human brain can't come up with a new face. you would have had to see the face before to see it in your dreams, even if for a split second. my days are...
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Publishing Statistics by NehpetsEnal
Publishing Statisticsby Stephen L W Lane
I thought it might be interesting to start issuing the statistics on the various items I've published to see if this generates any response. This is not an ego trip, as...
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Poverty by swagelicious_at_15
Povertyby Swagelicious
Poverty has the same face in all places - poverty is a disease, but the only cure is changing humanity. We need to build up the bridges between the rich and poor to clos...
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Domestic Abuse by HeyItsMenzie
Domestic Abuseby Annika Menzies
This is a formal writing piece on domestic abuse in New Zealand. The aim of this is to inform people of the abuse that occurs in everyday lives and hopefully, if more pe...
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Tales From A Statistic. by sosostarr
Tales From A so?
"I'm the one your mother told you not to be like. . ." "The one who died in vain." "The one with no way out" "The rose that wilted.&qu...
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JoJo Stand Statistics by -Josuke_Higashikata-
JoJo Stand Statisticsby Josuke Higashikata
Send me images of your OC's Stand and your OC and stats and Ill try my best to make a stat page for you
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