Cell 118 | Chris Brown by breezyswife05
Cell 118 | Chris Brownby Shardaé
Chris is a gaurd at a female prison. He has been the top gaurd for the past two years...that is until he meets an inmate that he cant seem to stay away from. Copyright ©...
  • romance
  • violence
  • gaurd
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DAWG by CreativelySOCIAL
Zayne Sanchez isn't the average "lady's man", he classifies himself as the most honest of them all: a DAWG. He keeps his view on women and his way of life real...
  • college
  • love
  • brown
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The Price of Love  by Love_Bri94
The Price of Love by Love_Bri94
Desperate to keep everyone off her back about her love life, Sydney Michaels goes to extreme measures to prove to the people around that she's capable of having a happy...
  • brown
  • love
  • urbanfiction
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The Nanny (EDITING) by loveme1819
The Nanny (EDITING)by Lyfe Storiez
Za'Rayah (Zuh-Ray-Uh) Parker is from East Garfield Park in Chicago. The rough city raised her to take nothing and be remorseful. The pain of her mother's death really hu...
  • teambreezy
  • wolftyla
  • love
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unexpected. by finessegyal
#5 cece
a random text, turns into an unexpected connection. monique has no clue who's behind the screen and had planned on keeping it that way, but once secrets are revealed and...
  • famous
  • scandal
  • pain
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Fine China (Chris Brown Love Story) *Completed* by kierraaxo_
Fine China (Chris Brown Love Kieeee
Copyright © 2013 by Kierra Richardson All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, inclu...
  • fan
  • fic
  • brown
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Case 24  by diisturbedwaters
Case 24 by unapologetic
Don't let his pretty face fool you.
  • killer
  • heartbreak
  • crazy
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Remember My Name: New Flame by doeneseya
Remember My Name: New Flameby doeneseya
If I gave you a description, nothing would be a surprise. ;) The sequel to Remember My Name.
  • remember
  • name
  • new
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she aint you | c.b by ughnaomi
she aint you | c.bby n a o m i
started as strangers but turned into so much more, it was becoming dangerous and they both knew it. but no one was holding them back; // a chris brown fanfiction\\
  • drake
  • christiancombs
  • fanfiction
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My Room [Jyatt] by BleachGulper
My Room [Jyatt]by Bleach Queen
Jaedens mom has to go cross country for a few months, so she asks her best friend to watch over Jaeden til she gets back. But what if her best friend was Wyatt's mom? W...
  • foah
  • bobby
  • wyatt
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The Bad Boy Calls Me Babydoll ✔ | Wattys 2018 by baddestbiotch
The Bad Boy Calls Me Babydoll ✔ | Anna Reign 💓
[ Highest Ranking: #886 in Teen Fiction ] Dylan Anderson is a girl who sees what she wants and goes for it. Without crying. Her dad left her when she was four and her mo...
  • brown
  • teenfiction
  • teamjace
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✓ | CLEMENTINE ↝ LUCAS JADE ZUMANN by sadiesinkers
✓ | CLEMENTINE ↝ LUCAS JADE ZUMANNby on writing hiatus
' FOR THE LAST GOD DAMN TIME MY NAMES CLEMENTINE! ' In which an actor won't remember an actresses name and that leads to multiple two a.m conversations. [ Lucas Jade Zum...
  • zumann
  • lucas
  • memes
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Street Kids||Fillie (completed) by filliesaesthetic
Street Kids||Fillie (completed)by kels🌻🐝
4 kids have been homeless for about 5 years now, all of them were all close, Millie was upper class rich, one day she comes across the 4 kids, but only one catches her e...
  • wolfhard
  • fillie
  • fiction
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Saving Kamden | Cell 118 Sequel by breezyswife05
Saving Kamden | Cell 118 Sequelby Shardaé
It seemed like a normal day. It had been smooth sailing the past few years and everything seemed perfect. Until one afternoon, Jasmine gets a gut wrenching text about he...
  • chris
  • brown
  • love
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Rise Up  by JakeiraHurst
Rise Up by Jakeira Hurst
Aubree had a tough life growing up, being in and out of foster home, her brother dying when she was little, her mother shutting her out, feeling that she wasn't loved. A...
  • jasmine
  • imjustaug
  • like
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On the Sideline by WokeQueenie
On the Sidelineby WokeQueenie
Jordan James is an upcoming artist trying to make her way in the music industry. With her boyfriend, Carolina Panthers football player, Cam Newton she feels she can ach...
  • camnewton
  • love
  • beckham
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Bloom Again /James Potter/  ❁book 2❁ by InspirationExists
Bloom Again /James Potter/ ❁ rachel
Trying to be herself again, Bea faces the hard trials of her life in her best attempt of forcing herself to become who she was, but she realises soon enough that flowers...
  • remuslupin
  • peter
  • bea
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Steve Harrington Smut Imagines by UGottaLoveDraco
Steve Harrington Smut Imaginesby UGottaLoveDraco
Steve Harrington? Joe Keery? Smut? Mmm, yes please. ;)
  • joe
  • henderson
  • wolfhard
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Poseidon's Girl by weedly
Poseidon's Girlby weedly
[Highest Rank: #43 in Romance] "Tell me to kiss you," he whispered so quiet and husk I wouldn't have heard if he wasn't my main focus of attention. "...
  • hair
  • greek
  • interesting
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Stranger Things  Imagines by jaeslieberhers
Stranger Things Imaginesby yeet skrt skrt
scenarios, fanfiction, preferences and imagines based on the Netflix t.v show, Stranger Things.
  • wattys2018
  • netflix
  • mikewheeler
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