Father : My Special Cadence (Chris BrownFF) by -imshonni
Father : My Special Cadence ( ❄️
The Christopher Maurice Brown. A father. A single one at that. Being the best he can to his daughter. He encounters an incredible and mind blowing journey. Many issues a...
  • team
  • daughter
  • drama
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MUSIC CAMP - (A Chris Brown Fan Fiction) by LivBreezy
MUSIC CAMP - (A Chris Brown Fan Liv
'It was sweet to see her strive to hide what every glance revealed.' - Charlotte Brontë
  • love
  • chrisbrown
  • camp
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Remember My Name: New Flame by doeneseya
Remember My Name: New Flameby doeneseya
If I gave you a description, nothing would be a surprise. ;) The sequel to Remember My Name.
  • urban
  • chris
  • my
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Secret( Killing and Loving You Sequel) by AuggiePoohs
Secret( Killing and Loving You AuggiePoohs
4 years later and........READ AND FIND OUT
  • chrisbrown
  • breezy
  • brown
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Alpha's Second Chance (Completed) by thecandygir34
Alpha's Second Chance (Completed)by CandaceJ
(I'm freaking out. My highest rank is #242 in the werewolf category. Do you know how many people write werewolf books. Ive never been ranked before. This is so cool?) Br...
  • chrisbrown
  • love
  • wwbm
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Dating The Fame by _Leahh
Dating The Fameby Bia
Can Genesis deal with the slander from the media, obsessive stalkers, betrayal and the trust issues? All of these things that come with Dating The Fame. S. M x C. B
  • trustissues
  • serayah
  • brown
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Vitality • Suite 103 Sequel (COMPLETE) by keianasuxx
Vitality • Suite 103 Sequel ( Killa K.
The sequel to Suite 103, a Chris Brown love story.
  • sequel
  • 2018
  • suite
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The Price of Love  by Love_Bri94
The Price of Love by Love_Bri94
Desperate to keep everyone off her back about her love life, Sydney Michaels goes to extreme measures to prove to the people around that she's capable of having a happy...
  • hate
  • brown
  • chrisbrownfanfic
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The affair  by its_ya_girl_tete
The affair by its_ya_girl_tete
Read to find out
  • brown
  • affair
  • teambreezy
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If I Stay:/:(Fillie/completed)  by _ImNotObsessed_
If I Stay:/:(Fillie/completed) by E
My names Millie Brown I'm 17 years old I attempted suicide I lived... ⚠️WARNING MAY CONTAIN SERIOUS SUBJECTS⚠️ Highest rankings this book has received: #10 in Fillie...
  • matarazzo
  • noah
  • depression
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Stranger Things  Imagines by jaeslieberhers
Stranger Things Imaginesby Scott’s tots
scenarios, fanfiction, preferences and imagines based on the Netflix t.v show, Stranger Things.
  • bobby
  • finnwolfhard
  • mikewheeler
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Ms. Clerk by ArrowHead97
Ms. Clerkby Arrowhead
Ciara Hudson is a clerk at Qwik. Her nonchalant attitude sometimes rub people the wrong way, but it gets the attention of a certain someone.
  • fighting
  • drugs
  • brown
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Nobody's Business by W1LDCH1LD
Nobody's Businessby wild child.
It ain't nobody's business but mine and my baby's.
  • school
  • jhene
  • demi
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the nanny by bbygirl__
the nannyby bbygirl__
she was just supposed to be the nanny...
  • chrisbrown
  • chris
  • brown
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One Shots/ Fillie/Mileven by EdenAugustine
One Shots/ Fillie/Milevenby Fangirl 🙃
enjoy my junk oneshots How am I at 14k? Highest ranking: #2 in Eleven
  • millie
  • oneshot
  • mikewheeler
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Everything: Nicolas Brown X Reader by Creepy_Kate
Everything: Nicolas Brown X Readerby Creepy_Kate
Hey hey hey! So I'm writing a full on fanfic of Gangsta Nicolas Brown X Reader-can. Warning!! it's gonna be pretty messed up because Reader-chan is going to be in an abu...
  • nicolas
  • brown
  • worrick
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One Shots by lulyannaa
One Shotsby lul yannaa
a book of imagines with your favorite rappers, singers, and celebrities :) pm or comment if you want an imagine ? *temporary cover*
  • youngdolph
  • migo
  • takeoff
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Street Kids||Fillie (completed) by filliesaesthetic
Street Kids||Fillie (completed)by kels💘
4 kids have been homeless for about 5 years now, all of them were all close, Millie was upper class rich, one day she comes across the 4 kids, but only one catches her e...
  • fillie
  • love
  • finn
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Bloom Again /James Potter/  ❁book 2❁ by InspirationExists
Bloom Again /James Potter/ ❁ rachel
Trying to be herself again, Bea faces the hard trials of her life in her best attempt of forcing herself to become who she was, but she realises soon enough that flowers...
  • wattys2018
  • bumble
  • james
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Where the Heart Lies by Kylieb2019
Where the Heart Liesby Kylieb2019
Exes Chris Brown and Cambria Hennings are both trying to coexist in the same entertainment business and continue their lasting friendship while keeping old feelings at b...
  • celebrity
  • brown
  • chrisbrown
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