Not So Unwilling: Chapter Forty Three

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Chapter Forty Three

                I watched as Monica pressed her body unnecessarily close to Tim like a cat stretching on a pillow. She kept leaning in to whisper things into his ear and every time Tim said something she would laugh a seductive laugh. I couldn't help but feel insanely jealous.

                I grabbed another glass of champagne and gulped it down in a couple swigs. Someone tapped me on my shoulder and I turned around to come face to face with Tim's older brother, Kyle. He was looking down at me with his so brown they were almost black eyes and I felt like I was looking at a snake. He smiled a creepy smile. "It wasn't smart of my brother to leave you alone."

                That comment made me really uncomfortable. Was he threatening to take me away and rape me or something?! "Why?" I asked, setting my empty glass on a table.

                He stepped closer to me and I was overwhelmed with the stench of his cologne which he definitely overused. "Because someone might steal you away."

                Oh shit. He was going to rape me.

                He took my hand in his clammy one and stroked it. "You're so beautiful and I would hate for my brother's girlfriend to be swept off her feet by someone... more appropriate."

                What was he getting at? "What do you mean?" I asked, pulling my hand away.

                "I mean that maybe you deserve to be with someone who matches you more, someone who's more your type."

                I narrowed my eyes. "Any suggestions?"

                He smiled again and I wanted to run away because by just having this creep look at me, I felt violated. "Someone like.... Me, perhaps?"

                I laughed. "Look, Kyle. I love Tim. He is my boyfriend and I'm not going to dump him for you, his older brother, who I only met a couple hours ago when I've known Tim for three years and counting."

                Kyle feigned a hurt look and put his hand over his heart. "Couldn't help but try. You're a very gorgeous girl."

                I smiled. "Thanks, Kyle. I appreciate it."

                "So, will you at least honor me in a dance, while Tim is busy?" He asked, offering out his hand.

                I looked over at Tim who smiled down at Monica and then lifted his head up and let out a hearty laugh. I felt a pang of jealousy and decided, what the hell, why not dance with Kyle? Tim was dancing with another girl, so I figured there was nothing wrong with me dancing with another guy even if it was the brother he hated. So, I placed my hand in Kyle's and let him lead me to the dance floor.

                His hands were much bigger than Tim's and my hand in his felt a little weird since I was so used to only holding Tim's hand. Not to mention I got a weird feeling when I was with Kyle. He reminded me of like the creepy, next door neighbor who only comes out of his house at night and creeps on little children.

                Kyle turned me and while I was turning my eyes locked with Tim's. He had a very angry look on his face as Monica ran her fingers down the fabric of his shirt over his chest. He wasn't even paying attention to her, which I was glad for. The last thing I needed was that bitch stealing my boyfriend from me.

                Kyle noticed me looking at Tim and said, "Did Tim ever tell you about how he and Monica used to date?"

                I felt like I had been punched in the stomach. What?! No! Really?! Stupid supermodel with her perfect body and face. "No, he didn't. He never even told me about her."

                Kyle gave me this weird look and then the music stopped and everyone stopped dancing. Mr. Lenoir, Tim's father, was standing in front of the band, holding a microphone with a smile on his face.

                "Sorry about that everyone. I know how much you were enjoying the dance, but I have some special news to share. Will my son Timothy and Monica please come join me up here."

                I was confused as to why Tim's dad wanted the two of them up there with him. I continued watching as Tim walked up there with Monica clinging to his arm like a monkey. His face was all befuddled just like mine was and Monica was smiling widely and mischievously like a Cheshire cat.

                "Ladies and gentleman, I would gladly like to inform you all of the engagement of my middle son, Timothy James Lenoir, and my beautiful future daughter-in-law, Monica Holly Beauvilare."

                What the Hell?


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