Not So Unwilling: Thank You's

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Thank You

Not So Unwilling is the first book that I have ever finished and I would like thank all the people who have supported me all through the fun, yet agonizing writing process! Thank you to all the people who have voted and fanned and commented. The only thing that kept me writing was all of your comments. Some made me laugh and others made so excited to write the next chapter! I know that this story has its holes and grammar mistakes and parts where it's painfully boring or just doesn't make any sense, but I hope to become a better writer with every book I write. Thank you for all the support! I love you all with my whole heart and hope that you will continue to read my works and like me as a writer. I love you!!!!!

                People I want to thank:

My two best friends in the whole entire world: xowritergirl14xo and cheesehead.

Xowritergirl, your comments made me laugh my ass off especially the ones that were marked as offensive and I just want to thank you for being the best bestie ever and supporting me with writing this book! You kept me going the most and I absolutely LOVE you for it! If you were a hot, sexy guy, I would be all over you like a horny panda!!!!

Cheesehead, you were the first person to read NSU and you convinced me to continue with it and I want to thank you for that because without that push I would never have made it here! MY FIRST FREAKING BOOK?! Who would have ever thought I would actually accomplish this? I surely didn't! HaHa. Well, I see you everyday at school and you are an AWESOME friend and you have introduced me to all these great books and Oh, one more thing... I LOVE YOU!!!! <333

My kick ass commenters (in no particular order):

Missdamonsalvatore (love u babe!)





Heelz64 (ur the funniest bitch EVER!!!)













 Ruby The Crazy Purple Banana Monkey

I'm sorry if I missed you and you commented a lot on my story, but you ARE appreciated! I just didn't look at the older chapters. Sorry! If I missed you, PLEASE tell me and I'll add you! Thank you so much! <333


                                                                                                Mel Bell <333

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