Not So Unwilling: Chapter Twenty Nine

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Chapter Twenty Nine

I shut my eyes and shook my head. I was so busted. I couldn't believe that I had just ratted myself out. "Nothing, just forget it."

"Stop bullshitting, Jasmine. Tell me right now."

I just continued to shake me head. "Please-please, just forget about it," I pleaded. I still had my eyes shut. I just couldn't look at her.

Lauren grabbed my shoulders and shook me. "You said that Tim knows that your dad abuses you. Jasmine, what are you talking about? Does your dad... Jasmine, please, I'm your best friend, you can tell me anything."

That was the moment that I started to cry. Salty tears rolled down my cheeks onto my lips and my chest. I tried to smother the sobs that erupted from my throat, but I couldn't. I didn't want to share my screwed up life with Lauren. She had a hard enough existence with her jackass father and workaholic mother. I was the shoulder to cry on, not Lauren.

Lauren wrapped her warm arms around me and rubbed my back. She was acting like the kind of mother I never had and it felt so good to be comforted by someone.

I finally calmed down and I confessed everything to Lauren: about how my dad really was and how I had lied to her and James and how many times my mom, brothers, and I had been beaten to the ground.

The entire time Lauren rubbed circles into my back and handed my tissues when I started to cry again.

After I explained everything, Lauren just looked at me. She finally said, "I can't believe that you've listened to all my senseless crying and whining over the years when you've had this all bottled up inside. You probably thought I was a crazy, melodramatic bitch."

                I scoffed. "Lauren you've been through way worse, so don't even talk."

                I sniffled and wiped under my eyes with a tissue. I looked at the tissue after I was done and it was covered in black makeup. I made a little cry and wiped off the rest. My makeup from the night before was still globbed all over my face and crying made it run down my face.

                Lauren sighed. "Jasmine, I'm so sorry that you're son-of-a-bitch dad has been doing this to you. I wish I could just- uh!" She ran her fingers through her hair and tugged.

                I pulled her hands from her scalp and took them into mine. "Lauren, I'm so used to it after seventeen years. I only have nine more moths of living at home and then we're off to California to become rock stars."

                Lauren smiled, remembering our childish dreams from junior high, and hugged me. "Oh God, Jasmine, I love you so much. What would I do without you?"

                I hugged her back. "You would probably be sitting on this bed with James's tongue down your throat."

                Lauren slapped me on the shoulder. "Jasmine! That's disgusting! Plus, if I had never been friends with you, I would have never even have met James! I would just be the nerdy girl who reads too much and listens to screamo music all the time!"

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