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school by MochiHasLostHisJams
schoolby MochiHasLostHisJams
School is stressing the fuck out of me.
  • kpop
  • jisoo
  • monday
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Not A Bad Thing by evalooks4walle
Not A Bad Thingby Eva Zamrazil
Tess is a young woman working at one of the most famous New York's magazines, Glamour. Andrew is one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs of the Big Apple. Their worlds would...
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  • monday
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Cooking 101 ✨ by golden_lenii
Cooking 101 ✨by golden_lenii
I like cooking so this book will be about recipes that I have tried and done . it'll be in my own words if not in bullet points lol . I hope you enjoy and leave a commen...
  • american
  • nonfiction
  • monday
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No One Likes Monday by AlyWasHere17
No One Likes Mondayby Aly
When the Starzyński family's debt finally catches up with them, they find themselves living in a bed and breakfast to avoid a life on the streets. With his step-mum's il...
  • monday
  • relationships
  • bxb
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dear, lauren by softcamzi
dear, laurenby camila
in a book where a girl named karla (camila) sends her favourite singer letters. one day lauren notices. and maybe karla (camila) will get one back.
  • saturday
  • camren
  • tuesday
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Minecraft Monday / SMP Live Oneshots by xYouly
Minecraft Monday / SMP Live AlexTheAuthor
Just SAMPLE oneshots of my POTENTIAL upcoming series... Also, I will be including some SMP live related oneshots/references too.
  • jeromeasf
  • skydoesminecraft
  • fanfic
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Seven boys a week by _aDreamscape_
Seven boys a weekby •• Ava ••
Monday is cold Tuesday makes me feel old Wednesday becomes better Thursdays all the love letters Friday kisses me hard Saturday kisses like art And Sunday... Sund...
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Heart Of A Warrior by Stheslayer101
Heart Of A Warriorby Stheslayer101
Stephanie Skye has gone through barriers to get to where she is today. The only barrier she's still trying to get through is giving divas a chance by going through Vince...
  • raw
  • luchaunderground
  • divas
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Don't Forget About My Life by horsejmp
Don't Forget About My Lifeby Peyton
This little thing? oh its just my public diary..wanna read? oh sure here just click right there... NO NOT THERE! yes there!!! Congrats You've Entered horse's Public Di...
  • dog
  • santana
  • plans
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I dont have enough Holy water for this.  by MemeFreak4life
I dont have enough Holy water KingExpolsionKills
Bring your Bible. We're going downtown.
  • monday
  • art
  • faces
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Seven Days by PerseusHamilton
Seven Daysby PerseusHamilton
Seven different people, one story. Characters inspired by the amazing @PlottingerTwist, or starryeyeddreamergirl on Tumblr. Enjoy!
  • saturday
  • wednesday
  • deepthinking
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I thought my life was complicated before...... by Iheartmusic90
I thought my life was Sarah
****ATL FANFICTION********** SEQUEL TO My Life Isn't complicated.. Sarah Dawson's life has always been a little complicated and its about to get 10 times worse! ..... __...
  • tss
  • friend
  • time
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'crybaby'(willdip) by Candyfloss413
'crybaby'(willdip)by Candyfloss413
William cipher,the schools crybaby bullyed and has no friends. His brother doesn't know, and will doesn't want him To. Will in general is a cinnamon roll. Will it ever s...
  • gravity
  • falls
  • william
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Girl crush Monday (GxG) by Our_Little_Miss_Emo
Girl crush Monday (GxG)by Philly 0.0
Jenny O'Brian, Tyler Steve, James O'Brian, Casey Peters and Andrew Timings alone are already too much to deal with on their own. Jenny and Tyler are the best of friends...
  • homophobic
  • love
  • wattys2014
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[DROP] Fairy Tail Couple(Nalu Gruvia Jerza Gale Miraxus) by LoveSu93
[DROP] Fairy Tail Couple(Nalu Holly:)))
Tác giả : Michia Yuni Ý tưởng : Michia Yuni Trường học là một tổ yêu đương sao?!! 11A2 sắp hình thành một tổ yêu đương Số lượng couple gia tăng N...
  • nalu
  • gruvia
  • wattpad
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Party Tattoos | Liam Dunbar by siriusblackss
Party Tattoos | Liam Dunbarby 𝖍𝖔𝖒𝖊 𝖇𝖔𝖎
In which she knows he's up to something and she's determined to find out what. OR In which she teaches him how to live outside of the supernatural.
  • peterhale
  • romance
  • wednesday
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 𝙈𝙤𝙣𝙙𝙖𝙮 𝙈𝙞𝙡𝙠 (𝙅𝙆 𝙁𝙁) by Nis4_1t_is
𝙈𝙤𝙣𝙙𝙖𝙮 𝙈𝙞𝙡𝙠 (𝙅𝙆 𝙁𝙁)by (𝙣.)
❝ She was the moon and he was the ocean ❞ ♩♪♫ Every Monday, Jungkook the milkman delivers milk to Ji-Young who's allergic to it. But how did they built such a strong rel...
  • is
  • breakup
  • jeongguk
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Monday Love Story by uGurl143
Monday Love Storyby uGurl143
Monday Love Story. Ang simple pakinggan ano?pero aminin mo hindi mo talaga alam ibig sabihin bat Monday Love Story yan. Well,I'm Xylene Dizon who fell in love with her _...
  • maybealovestory
  • monday
  • classmates
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Monday Couple ❤️ by Kawai_cheryl_tvb
Monday Couple ❤️by Kawai_cheryl_tvb
Through the past 6 years, Gary and Ji Hyo has kept their feelings towards each other, only being the Monday couple they are on screen. But after 6 years, they felt it's...
  • kanggary
  • kangheegun
  • couple
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Mu kujtove dje by geralda_gjoni
Mu kujtove djeby geralda_gjoni
  • monday
  • teen
  • romance
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