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instagram || camren by likeavangogh
instagram || camrenby paint me
@camila_cabello : I just turned 24 and I happen to like girls too! [ timetable: 2021, no pandemic is happening ]
She's A Keeper (Lauren x y/n) by littlewillo
She's A Keeper (Lauren x y/n)by littlewillo
Y/N is a tomboy and loves soccer, she's in high school and is also the captain of the school's soccer team. Camila and Dinah are her girl best friends, and Tyler and Cal...
Mates (5h/you) by loveann13
Mates (5h/you)by Anneke
Let me just say you got a lot on your hands Y/n L/n, including five mates.... So good luck I guess. Cause I'm not helping you out. Fuck that noise.
Curiosity (Camila/You) by CamilaIsSmexy
Curiosity (Camila/You)by g
It's just an ordinary day until you get a text that says..... Unknown number: Fuck you're hot What the hell? --------------------- ...
Bully's Baby (Ageplay) by MommaUnicorn
Bully's Baby (Ageplay)by Alex Jackson-Smith
What happens when you become the Boss's Baby
Bullies (Fifth Harmony/You) by CamilaIsSmexy
Bullies (Fifth Harmony/You)by g
You've been bullied by these five girls since Freshman year and now you are a senior. What if feelings change? Or will they always be bullies. Maybe once a bully,always...
Sassy || Lauren/you by MyqueenRfrom1996
Sassy || Lauren/youby Cha yeong
"Define sassy" she asked with a smirk I smile at her and cross my arms confidently as I lean in for her to clearly hear it. "You"
The Hot Teacher | Lauren/and you by Mindmybuisiness
The Hot Teacher | Lauren/and youby LuisaNiñaAmpo
Lauren is the hottest and attitude teacher at their school, but have a soft kind in the other side of her profile, and a little bit crazy. y/n just got transferred and...
You&I |L.J/You| by EclipseHeart_
You&I |L.J/You|by Sun&Moon
Y/N and Lauren had a past together dated for a few years. But it all went away when Lauren decide to pursue her dreams and leave Y/N behind. Y/N became a wreck because s...
Do or Not (Camren) by TobiJaurello
Do or Not (Camren)by Tobi
When Softball team captain Lauren Jauregui, stumbles upon a Student Assistant named Camila Cabello, her life wasn't the same. All she knew is that Fridays, were Camila D...
I will try to fix you by adorably_sassy
I will try to fix youby Smiley x
An unbreakable bond between a little and her mama x
Feels like home (kidfic) by Sweet_DispositionLJ
Feels like home (kidfic)by Sweet_DispositionLJ
After Lauren's daughter goes missing a mere two hours after she was born, and suddenly appears again three years later, malnourished and terrified, will Lauren be able t...
A Little Love by adorably_sassy
A Little Loveby Smiley x
Lauren is a teacher who just moved to town. Camila is a teenage student with her own challenges. Will Lauren be the one to finally get through to her?
Lauren Jauregui imagines by MyWiredEscape
Lauren Jauregui imaginesby Lauren Jauregay
A bunch of Girlfriend imagines ••••NOT EDITED•••• cover by @slothtato
night after night (camren) by smithday14
night after night (camren)by smithday14
Their world was built on sex, love and lies. she came with an intoxication that wasn't seen before, consuming her and demanding her. Lauren seemed to have everything Ca...
yellow ➸ camren by txrches
yellow ➸ camrenby txrches
FIRST BOOK IN THE YELLOW SERIES Lauren Jauregui hated Camila Cabello, plain and simple. Of course, who could blame her? Camila had been the one who read Lauren's private...
My Precious Little Slut by demislittleangel
My Precious Little Slutby demislittleangel
Reena is a 19 year old girl that wants to find a mommy Demi is 22 and is looking for the perfect little Will they like each other? (involves a LOT smut) (Lauren jauregui...
CC7 by moviegeek120
CC7by moviegeek120
Lauren and Camila are two of the most promising soccer talents in the country. The two skilled girls are playing for the U-17 US team to win the world championship in Co...
LJ10 by moviegeek120
LJ10by moviegeek120
Sequel to CC7