Not So Unwilling: Chapter Twelve

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Ok, so I finished Chapter 12! I hope you like it! I did!

Just to give you an idea of how I picture Tim and Jasmine look...

Jasmine I imagine looking like a less pretty/skinny version of Vannessa Hudgens or Megan Fox. Just because they both have the dark and sexy look.

For Tim I was thinking something like Chase Crawford, but with longer and darker hair, a less slender and longer face w/ higher cheekbones, and with small gages in his ears.

Everyone has a different imagination and that was just mine. Imagine as you wish!!!!!

To the story...



Chapter Twelve

While Mrs. Davidson was blabbing on and on about a project that we would be kicking the year off, a paper airplane landed on my desk. I knew it was from Tim and sighed. I had been so glad, when ignored me as I had walked into the room for statistics. I was hopeful that maybe he had changed his mind about me and found some other poor girl to blackmail and take to his ball.

I opened the paper airplane and looked at his messy scrawl. It read: "What were your friends so freaked out about during lunch?"

I pulled my pen out of my pocket and began to write back: "What's it to you?" I flung it back at him and heard him unfold the paper and the soft taps of his pencil as he wrote something back.

It materialized over my shoulder. He had written: "We're a couple now, Jasmine. Couples tell each other everything. Please, just tell me. I want to know."

I sighed and wrote: "Fine. I told them about how you're blackmailing me into being your girlfriend and how I have to be your date for a ball. I had to lie to them about my secret. I don't like lying to my friends, Tim."

He wrote: "So, why didn't you just tell them the truth?"

I wrote: "There's a reason I didn't tell anyone about it in the first place, but you had to go screw everything up and find out."

He wrote: "I don't understand, Jasmine. If they're your best friends, than why in the world would you be afraid to tell them?"

I wrote: "You wouldn't understand."

He wrote: "Try me."

I wrote: "I don't want to. I don't really know myself."

He wrote: "You confuse me, Jazz. So, what did you tell them I was blackmailing you with?"

I hesitated before I wrote knowing that if I told Tim the truth, he would make fun of me for the rest of my life, so I wrote: "It's not important."

He wrote: "Tell me."

I wrote: "No."

He wrote: "Why is it a big deal?! Just tell me."

I wrote: "No."

He wrote: "TELL ME!!!!!!!"

I wrote: "No."

He wrote: "If you don't tell me right now what you said, I'll tell everyone at school your secret."

I wrote: "Fine. I'll tell you."

He wrote: "Well, go ahead. I have officially just turned 100,000 years old."

I wrote: "Haha, you're so funny, Tim... NOT! Well, I kinda told them that I kinda made out with Garrett Blaze."

He wrote: "How good do you think my eyes are?! You wrote like freaking microscopic! I don't carry a microscope in my pocket!!!"

I wrote in a bigger font: "I told them that you saw me make out with Garrett Blaze."

I didn't get a response. Instead, Jackass, began to laugh so hard that everyone in class, including Mrs. Davidson, stopped what they were doing and looked at him.

"Mr. Lenoir, what is so funny that you have to disrupt the entire class?" Mrs. Davidson asked.

Tim continued to laugh even though he had buried his head in his arms on his desk. I just sat in my seat with my head forward and my pen in my hand, pretending that I was still taking notes.

"Mr. Lenoir," Mrs. Davidson said harshly, walking over to his desk and hovering over him, "What has gotten into you?"

Tim lifted his head up. His face was red and tears were rolling down his cheeks. "Sorry... sorry, Mrs. Davidson, I think I'm just having some," he stopped to laugh some more, "some bad allergies."

Mrs. Davidson looked skeptical. "Do you need to go to the nurse?"

Tim calmed himself down a little and said, "No, MD, go along with your teaching."

Mrs. Davidson narrowed her eyes when she heard Tim call her MD, instead of Mrs. Davidson, but she didn't say anything and just went back to teaching.

Tim linked his fingers in my belt loops and whispered in my ear, "Sorry, Jazz, but I don't worship the devil. But, if it turns you on, I can go and burn all the crosses in my house and start carrying a pitchfork around."

"Shut the fuck up, Tim," I said, digging my nails so hard into the skin on his fingers that he yelped and let go.

"Ow," he groaned. I glanced back at him and he had his middle finger in his mouth. He saw me watching and began to seductively move his finger in and out of his mouth while making soft moaning sounds. I gave him a disgusted face and turned back around.

"OK, now that you know what to do for the project, the first person in each row, look back at the person behind you, and the third person in every row look at the person behind you. I looked back at Tim who was still sucking on his finger. It was bleeding and I felt kind of bad for that, although he deserved it. "Great, now the person you are looking at is your partner for this month long project. Have fun! And remember, it's worth 25% of your grade!"


I hope you liked it!




Mel Bel <3

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