Not So Unwilling: Chapter Thirty

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If you hate sports or you hate soccer, than you'll probably hate this chapter. There's no Tim in it, just Jasmine. This is her first soccer game of the season. I'm hoping to get the next chapter up today also and I think it's gonna be much better and much longer, so stick around!


Chapter Thirty

                The West High School Girl's Varsity Soccer Team had their first game that day right after school was over. We were playing AndersonAcademy for Young Women or AAYW, who happened to have the biggest girls in the Eastern part of North America. Not kidding. Almost every single girl on the team was at least six feet tall and covered in pure muscle. This was because every single girl on the team was 100% Russian born... and not to be stereotypical, but Russian girls were much tougher than a lot of the American girls and a lot bigger. But, they did not have the ball skills that we West girls had. We were quicker and trickier. And I knew that no matter how bad these Russian girls beat us down, that we were going to win.

                It was 3-1 West in the bottom of the second half. I was playing right striker, my permanent position every since freshman year. Almost every single girl had been knocked to the ground at least once during the entire game except me. Ally Hall, our left defender, had been pushed five times by the same exact girl who I swore to Jesus God in heaven was a man at almost six and a half feet tall and at least 200 pounds. The only reason I hadn't been put on my ass was because the chick that was defending me was fast and did not have to push me out of the way to get the ball away.

                I was so pissed. Every single time I dribbled the ball down the field towards the net and no matter how many times I got the ball passed this girl; she would always catch up with me and steal the ball away. I was determined by the time there was only 2 minutes left in the game to get the freaking ball passed this freaking monster of a girl.

                Frankie Simone quickly swiped the ball away from a blond chick who screamed out, "Cyka," every time the ball was taken away from her. I had a feeling inside of me that that was a bad word. Frankie passed the ball to Gina, our mid-defender, who passed the ball to, Katie, our left midfield, who passed the ball to Shay, our left midfield, who passed the ball to me. I took hold of the ball with my heart pounding heavily in my chest and began to speed down the field towards the girl. She was bouncing on the balls of her feet in front of me with a poker face waiting for me to come at her.

                I used quick feet to kick the ball around her and soon it was just me, the net, and the goal keeper. I tried not to look back. I knew the girl was running after me so I pushed harder. I pushed my legs as fast as they could go. My breathing was getting heavier and I was approaching the goal net fast. I was getting in perfect position to shoot when I was attacked from the side.

                A pain so agonizing shot through my body as I went flying into the air and landed on my side with a thump. My entire body hurt and I felt my head swimming. I heard a loud, shrill whistle and felt the ground underneath me vibrate with the weight of girls with cleats racing towards me to see if I was okay.

                My upper thigh were I had been hit was completely numb and I knew that I was going to have a bruise on it along with my upper bicep were I had landed. I opened my eyes when I felt my teammates circling around me. I looked up at their worried faces.

                "Jasmine, are you okay?" They all said at the same time. I nodded my head and lifted myself up.

                I was so angry. I was so angry that that bitch had kept me from getting my shot. I got up from the ground with the help of my teammates. Coach came running over.

                "Leno, are you okay?" He asked, pushing through the girls to get to me.

                "Yeah, Coach, I'm fine," I said, shaking out my legs and arms. My thigh hurt so bad, I thought it was going to fall off, but I wanted to take the penalty kick. Show that bitch how it's done.

                Coach lifted up the hem of my shorts a bit, which was completely weird and inappropriate by the way and whistled. "That's gonna turn into one nasty bruise, Leno. Why don't you go take a breather and let Maggie take the shot? We're up two and the game's almost over anyway."
                I shook my head. "No way, Coach, I'll take the shot. Like you said, we're up two and the game is almost over. I can do it."

                "Alright, Leno, take the shot, but don't beat yourself up if you don't make it," Coach said patting my shoulder and running off the field to the sidelines.

                I shook off the pain and stretched out my sore muscles. The referee blew the whistle and all my teammates went back to their positions.

                Since, I had been pushed right in the goal box; it was going to be just me and the goalkeeper for the kick. I twirled the ball in my hands and carefully set it on the white line. I started at the goalkeeper and studied her stance. She was inching towards the right which meant that she thought I was going to go for the right of the net, but she was wrong. I was aiming for the top left corner. I stepped back from the ball, took a few deep breaths, and when the referee blew the whistle, I ran as fast as I could towards the ball and landed a beautiful shot right in the top left corner of the net. Bingo. The goal keeper landed flat on her face and the horn blasted signaling the game was over.

                My teammates all ran over to me and we celebrated our first game and first win of the season. It felt so damn good.


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