Not So Unwilling: Chapter Thirty Two

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Ok so I think I'm going to wrap up this story in about 10 more chapters or so... i'm not quite sure yet, but it's coming close to it's close. Anyway, I want to finish this one quick and get started on You Don't Know Me and then yesterday I got this little brain fart and started this other story: Convicts, which is about this rock star who is like totally screwed up and gets kicked out of his band because of drugs and is wanted by the police for killing his brother. But, it's like really bad and not in the it sucks way, in the cursing, drug use, prostitution way, so I don't know if it's appropriate for wattpad. Maybe I'll clean it up a bitor something, but yeah. Tell me if you like the idea.

Anyway, I hope you like this chapter. It's cute. Oh, and if you really like this story or if you thing, it's complete shit, please tell me. I haven't gotten any hate mail yet.


Chapter Thirty Two

                We made out for about ten minutes before I needed to take a breather because I was pretty sure that my chest was going to explode from lack of oxygen. I lay back on Tim's silk bed staring at the ceiling as he trailed little kisses along my neck and collarbone with his soft lips igniting that familiar fire with every one.

                I extremely enjoyed the make out session. I had thought the first kiss we shared that Friday was the best kiss I had ever had, but oh! was I wrong. The kiss we had just shared definitely beat the last one by miles.

                I played with Tim's hair which was still a little wet at the ends as I had a war inside my head. Half of my brain was screaming that being with Tim was the wrong thing to do because he was a heart breaker and the last thing I needed in my screwed up life was a broken heart. I mean my heart was already hanging on by a small thread. One traumatic event could cause the entire thing to shatter into a million pieces.

                But the other side of my brain screamed yes! be with Tim. He might be a player, but people can change, right? He had been nothing but nice to me the past week, maybe a little teasing and inappropriate, but what else was expected from a good-looking, young man with raging hormones? He had given me medicine when I felt like shit, pretty much did our stats project by himself, taught me to dance, taken me to see The Maine live, bought me food when I was starving, and helped me out when I was hurt. That meant Tim was a nice guy. Right?

                "Jasmine? Hey, Jazz, snap out of it," said Tim, breaking me away from my reverie.

                I looked away from the ceiling and into Tim's eyes. "Yeah?"

                Tim's eyes were brighter than usual, which made him look even hotter. His lips were all red and sore looking, his hair was sticking up in the places I had run my hair through it, and he had a huge, purplish hickey on his neck. I blushed deeply at the thought of myself doing that. I didn't even remember giving him a hickey, but I guess I must have been so out of it while sucking Tim's face. Whenever I was close to him, my brain turned to mush and I was like a whole other person: a complete wild woman. I belonged in a zoo next to the lions and the pandas.

                Tim got off of me and sat cross-legged next to me without ever breaking the eye-contact. "I want to ask you something and I want to make sure that you won't freak out on me when I ask it."

                "Uh... okayyyyyy?" I said, extending the "y" sound in okay. I sat up also and attempted to cross my legs, but my thigh couldn't bend at the angle, so I brought my good leg to my body and stretched the bad one out and rested it on a pillow.

                Tim took my hands into his and rested them on his knees. They were all hairy and cut up just like mine, except I didn't have hairy legs. I shaved mine. He stared even more intently into my eyes and I got a little nervous. What did he want to ask me that I was bound to freak out about? I was extremely curious and the dickhead wouldn't spill the beans, he was just staring at me like a weirdo. "So, are you gonna say it or not?" I asked.

                "Jazz... Jasmine, did you like kissing me?" He asked.

                I looked at him weird. "Was that the question that you wanted to ask because..."

                "Jasmine, just answer it!"

                I sighed. "Yeah, I liked kissing you. I liked it a lot. Why? Did you?"

                "Hey. I'm the one who's asking the questions. But, yeah, I liked it too."


                He squeezed my hands tighter in his and the fire rushed up through my arms. "I- I... Uh..."

                I laughed and nudged his knee with mine. "Just spit it out, Tim. I'm not gonna freak out on you, okay."

                He nodded. "Will you be my girlfriend for real? I'm no longer blackmailing you. I just want you to be with me for real and not by force." I opened my mouth to say something, but no words came out. I was so shocked. "You don't have to say yes. If you don't want to, you don't have to and I won't tell anyone about your secret or get mad at you. We can just be friends if you want cause I know that I really hurt you when..."

                I silenced him by pressing my lips to his. I couldn't take his talking anymore. I wanted to be Timothy Lenoir's girlfriend. I wanted it with all my heart.


Cute huh. Well, this chapter made me a little depressed. Unfotunatly guys like this don't exist. If any of my readers out there have a sincerely nice, hot boyfriend tell me bout him and give me some hope because I'm just about hopeless with men. Oh yeah, and if he has any brothers, HOOK ME UP YOU BITCH! hahaha jk.

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