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Unwilling Lewding (A DDLC Lemon) by Sukachay
Unwilling Lewding (A DDLC Lemon)by Sukachay
Lemon between an unwilling MC and all too enthusiastic Dokis. Rape is imminent if MC doesn't accept his fate. BSDM IN BOUND Possible Gore Just be warned this stuff gets...
  • hentai
  • readerxcharacter
  • blood
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You are "Weird" by zeenatsiddiqui
You are "Weird"by ☕
"Would you stop staring me ?" he said irritatingly which left her go all red. No, not because of embarrassment but in anger. Well because according to her, her...
  • halal
  • firstlove
  • ús
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Fear No More by AliasToBi
Fear No Moreby Calob Zero
Victor Mc'Arthur, the last of his kind, was not what anyone expected. Being the last dragon alive, one would expect him to be egotistical. Playing off his status to get...
  • lastdragon
  • givingup
  • betrayal
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Wedding diary by Priyakolli
Wedding diaryby
Story is not proofread and I am slowly editing the chapters..Please ignore all errors. It's a story of a girl whose life changed in a second because of unexpected reason...
  • wattys2018
  • husband
  • wife
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I Am The Unwanted Wife Of Stepan Dela Cruz by HiddenGoddexx
I Am The Unwanted Wife Of Stepan D...by _
*Prologue should be the beginning but why does it seems it's the ending?* I am Krujxea Garcia, rather, Krujxea Garcia- dela Cruz, currently married to Stepan dela Cruz...
  • unwanted
  • luhan
  • unwilling
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No Alpha, I Do Not Like Your Abs by thathuntress
No Alpha, I Do Not Like Your Absby Oops
Never heard of werewolves? Lucky you. You've been living under a goddamn rock. Please, take me with you. They took over on June 17th, 2020. Due to the fact that the odds...
  • mates
  • live
  • wolf
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WILD || Hollywood Undead by S_yny_ster
WILD || Hollywood Undeadby Ryhen
bitch ((porn,,,but with a plot)) {Jorel x everyone} *a p r o b l e m*
  • synyster
  • charliescene
  • hollywood
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Love plant by MakeMeWet101
Love plantby MakeMeWet101
When virgin Hermione finds a mysterious plant growing in her garden, she unwillingly (at first) has some fun.
  • harem
  • hermione
  • lemon
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Vampire Bride SAMPLE by KrystalBay
Vampire Bride SAMPLEby KrystalBay
Vampire Bride is NOW available on Amazon! This is just a small portion due to contract rules. Enjoy! Vampires are a myth, but for Charlie Preston vampires are real. With...
  • supernatural
  • heartache
  • vampirebride
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The Alphabet is for Drabbles (A Hey Arnold! Fanfic) by IsadoraMaryAlice
The Alphabet is for Drabbles (A He...by IsadoraMaryAlice
A series of Hey Arnold! drabbles (mostly A/H). Enjoy. ;)
  • best
  • blue
  • nighttime
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Trapped in Paradise by STStevens
Trapped in Paradiseby S.T. Stevens
Grace doesn't know where she is, or who this 'Sir' character is, but she's not taking being kidnapped lightly. It doesn't matter if the Butler has said that Sir is wealt...
  • stockholmsyndrome
  • smartwoman
  • kidnapping
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My Life Unplanned by Kayberry6
My Life Unplannedby Kendra Asbury
Rosalind Turkonowi was given a choice to have an abortion and terminate the pregnancy that was forced upon her in a brutal gang rape or live as the mother of Satan’s spa...
  • problems
  • drama
  • gắng
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Heathens by dicleunal
Heathensby ITM; You’ll recall
Beware, this contains mature content such as rape, sex and abuse
  • story
  • things
  • romance
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Set Me Free  by lovesetsufree
Set Me Free by lovesetsufree
Highest rank: #54 in General Fiction Things don't always happen when and how we want them to. In case of Shina the word Always could easily be replaced with Never. Sh...
  • unwilling
  • beautiful
  • drama
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His Only Obsession  by anastasiagrey2303
His Only Obsession by anastasia grey
He is everything that she isin't. HE is filthy rich Devil incarnate Handsome Ruthless SHE is poor Angel by heart Brunet...
  • bdsmrelationship
  • romance
  • unwilling
The Prenup by IceChilli
The Prenupby IceChilli
Alex was sure that if he ever got married, a prenup must be signed on his conditions. He was pretty sure that that is what happened when he proposed to Eva while drunk...
  • coerce
  • comedy
  • prenuptial
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Bleach: Twist by crimsonteresa
Bleach: Twistby crimsonteresa
A whole new out-take on Bleach, with all rights for characters and most info going towards Tite Kubo and associates. We all know Ichigo was thrust into the shinigami wor...
  • unwilling
  • soulreaper
  • bleach
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Unwilling by Dark-Violet
Unwillingby Lia
Emelia Safirus is in her sixth year at Hogwarts. Her parent's were Death Eaters, until they were sent to Azkaban. She now lives with her bestfriend Draco Malfoy, who she...
  • draco
  • voldemort
  • dark
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I Do? by Tomisarah
I Do?by Jazarah
The loss of her best friend set in motion a chain of events starting with her becoming a mother to her friend's child and unwilling marriage to the Father of the baby wi...
  • unwilling
  • assassins
  • love
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Precious - a made up story  by FujikiShiro
Precious - a made up story by Hanahime Murosaki
This is not a real life story, just a fantasy I made up :) It's about a girl named Precious that's 16, she is just a plump girl, who has big fat ass, boobs and fatty sto...
  • random
  • unwilling
  • scared
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