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Mechanics Of The Heart - A JJ Hamblett & Josh Cuthbert fanfic. (Union J) by HerLostSoul
Mechanics Of The Heart - A JJ Moon
Laura's pov: Laura was convinced she would never fall in love with a celebrity, especially not the new UK band, Union J. But life is full of suprises when Laura falls in...
  • joshcuthbert
  • heartbreak
  • cuthbert
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Otis.. Why. by Anita_Dream
Otis.. Anita
This is a story of a dog. A love story~ This was a group effort. To be honest Mira posted a photo of Ryan's dog, Otis and then Callum started writing in a wonderful dis...
  • dog
  • love
  • random
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Sad Times With Big Ramen Daddy by Meggymoo0
Sad Times With Big Ramen Daddyby Meggan
all my sad times
  • sadddd
  • saddddd
  • sadd
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Im that emo girl by _Suicidal_Emo_
Im that emo girlby no one cares
Kelly Daniels is a sad emo girl that no body likes. (not me)
  • love
  • tears
  • suicide
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True Love by xXBnhaFanXx
True Loveby Shoto Todoroki
  • aaronwerewolf
  • dumbfather
  • saddddd
Emo celebrities theme songs by catswithfeet
Emo celebrities theme songsby kellicandtomtordbeyotch
THese are going to be my personal opinions, if you want you can suggest a song and a celebrity and I'll put it in if I think it fits. You can also suggest just a song or...
  • emo
  • succ
  • songs
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Playdate by D34d_Inside_uwu
Playdateby Jaxy owo
Why did it come to this? Why did he hurt me so badly? I was just a play date to him!
  • depressed
  • love
  • saddddd
A person, not a home.. by sm42bulletvictim
A person, not a Kori Manning
Wow i was sad. And tbh I got even worse before i got better. but thats ok.
  • sad
  • saddddd
  • ssadd
feeling noted☀⛅☁☔🌈🌵 by Khin1472580
feeling noted☀⛅☁☔🌈🌵by Khin1472580
  • saddddd
SpAm book 33333 by angelxbabey
SpAm book 33333by Hailey
Read the fucking title dumbass!
  • saddddd
Alone by wtfxkale
Aloneby Kale 💕💍😋
Its like you're screaming and no one can hear you. Its like you're drowning but you're not in water. its like dying without your life actually being ended.
  • saddddd
  • depression
  • gay
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ąŋɠʂɬ by DaddyReo
ąŋɠʂɬby ~🐰ᴰᴬᴰᴰᵞ ᴿᴱᴼ🐰~
յմՏԵ ƒҽӀԵ ӀíƘҽ íԵ~
  • saddddd
  • sad
  • angst
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Taking dysfunctional to a new level  by CaitlinFowler630
Taking dysfunctional to a new Cyber-cat
"Clarke, it's not right. We can't." "Oh we can't? That's not what you said on the night of the wedding!" Things can be confusing in a household fille...
  • fanfiction
  • raven
  • saddddd
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