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Oh, I Ate Before I Came... (Larry Stylinson/ Ziall Horlik) by makedamnnsure
Oh, I Ate Before I Came... ( j
"Oh I ate before I came..." "Of course I'm eating properly!" "I'm not hungry..." "I don't feel very well.." Harry Styles has secr...
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Truth or Dare[WattyAwards2011--Slowly Editing] by XxIcyxX
Truth or Dare[ Laura
**I AM SLOWLY EDITING THIS!!!** WARNING: This is in no way a fairy tale. Kylie's been living life as simply as possible with her childhood friends and no worries except...
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A night with Dracula by kissmybff
A night with Draculaby ♡¸.•°*”˜Sarah ˜”*°•.¸♡
"I wanna kill you.." He whispered huskily. "I dare you" I said. Seventeen year old Sonee rave win's a contest to go stay at Dracula's castle for two...
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My Name is Omega, Not Percy Jackson by PercyJacksonIsMyLife
My Name is Omega, Not Percy Jacksonby Emily
Percy Jackson ran away from his family and friends because they betrayed him. Zeus and Hades ask if he wants to be in Chaoses army as a commander. Percy accepts and beco...
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We're faking it (A Camren Fanfic) by hoplessromantic143
We're faking it (A Camren Fanfic)by hoplessromantic143
Lauren and Camila have always been best friends, sisters, ROD's, partners in crime and all that good stuff ever since they've met. However many Harmonizers have mistaken...
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the Undead (deku x Tsuyu) by frost2471
the Undead (deku x Tsuyu)by frost 2471
everyone discovers that all for one is midorya's father so his quirk is taken away and he is expelled and his girlfriend uraraka breaks his heart but he doesn't give up...
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Saved By Mr Bully by __mxdness
Saved By Mr Bullyby Lauren
"You're trying, you really are but what I have done to you has broke you in ways not even God can describe." SEQUEL TO THANK YOU MR BULLY! Best: Short Story #39
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Love Elevator by miss_oline
Love Elevatorby Caroline
Libby was a human girl that's full of pranks. She's running from her arranged marriage using the elevator. Dominic was a werewolf. He was an alpha of a powerful pack and...
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On my sweet sixteen i'm a PREGNANT TEEN! by star10122
On my sweet sixteen i'm a Star :D
"I stared at my at my stomach and moved my hand towards it. It doesn't feel too different. Maybe it was because I didn't want it? Was it a bit rounder? a bit bigger...
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thank you by blueandwhale
thank youby beautiful soul
thank you. for this beautiful journey.
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Closer - A Niall Horan Fanfic by YelloBaby
Closer - A Niall Horan Fanficby Yello_Baby
When Emily awakes from a coma, she finds out who accidently put her in it, Will she forgive him or will they hit it off? Find out in 'Closer' NOW COMPLETED. READ THE SEQ...
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Give me Love (Sterek) boyxboy by shippergalore
Give me Love (Sterek) boyxboyby barbara
Forever Yours: Mini Sequel by TheAvidWriter
Forever Yours: Mini Sequelby TheAvidWriter
Did you ever wonder what it was like the day Ryan and Maureen tied the knot? Or maybe, the evening that Rianne was born? How about a few months down the road of married...
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Damon & Elena Fanfiction: A Long Weekend by ch0c0h0licbjlk
Damon & Elena Fanfiction: A Long Beth Kirkbride
Takes place after Stefan has gone back to Human Blood and has gone off with Klaus. Damon has recovered fully from the effects of Tyler’s bite, and is back to his usual s...
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Book Ideas by Noracheer
Book Ideasby Nora
So basically, I have so many ideas in my head and I can't write them all, so I want to share it with anyone that can't think of an idea. If you are one of them, open th...
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Ship Wars for 150 followers by Hermione_knowitall
Ship Wars for 150 followersby Hermione Jean Granger
The {~\title/~}
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Two Hearts in One Summer by Roannies
Two Hearts in One Summerby Roannies
Si Sharmaine Loveria Arellano ay isang heredera ng kanilang malawak na Hacienda sa probinsiya ng Marindaue. At the age of 18, itinatak na sa kanyang isipan na nakatakda...
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We are the fallen. by livObrien1991
We are the livObrien1991
We are the fallen. Trust no body not even yourself. We were never going to come out of this sane after everything we've been through. The pack, we're more distant to wh...
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jjba crackfics by bionicbiitcq-
jjba crackficsby asshole
plz read plz
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Subliminal Booster XBREXANAX by XBREXANAX
Subliminal Booster XBREXANAXby XBREXANAX
Read this for faster subliminal results
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