Not So Unwilling: Chapter Forty Five

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This chapter is even more intense.


Chapter Thirty Five

                My heart was pounding heavily in my chest. Tim had just said the three words, eight letters, and three syllables that carried so much meaning and made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. But, I wondered if Tim really meant what he said. Anyone could say those three words and the hard part was figuring out if it was even true or if he  was just lying so that I would stick around.

                I ran a shaky hand through the hair that had escaped from its bobby pins and looked up into Tim's eyes. "I believe you, Tim, but I'm not going to be with a guy who is engaged to another woman no matter if he wants to or doesn't. I'm sorry, Tim. I-," I took a deep breath trying not to let my voice crack from the tears that were threatening to come- "I just... I just can't do this. I'm sorry." And with those last words, I walked away from Tim who looked like he had just been hit by a car and towards the street not really knowing where I was going since I didn't have my car or a ride or anything.

                Tim followed behind me. "I understand, Jasmine. At least let me drive you home."

                I nodded my head and followed behind Tim as he walked to the ten car garage. He led me to a silver Audi and gave me a ride to Lauren's house. The car ride was completely silent. I spent the entire time trying hard not to cry and to look at Tim which would make my desperate attempts at not crying futile. Finally, when we reached Lauren's house, I whispered a small thank you and was just about to make a quick escape when Tim touched my arm. "I'm sorry, Jasmine, but I promise that I'll make it better if it's the last thing I do," he said his eyes so serious and sincere that I almost let go right then and there and let the sobs escape and buried my face into Tim's neck, but I didn't. What was he going to do to make anything better?

                We stared at each other for a while and then I forced myself out of the car. I felt Tim's eyes burning into my back as I walked like a robot and knocked on the front door of Lauren's house. It opened and Lauren started freaking out on me, asking me all these questions, but I didn't listen. I couldn't listen. I just walked passed her and went up the staircase to Lauren's room and collapsed on her bed.

                Lauren trailed behind me and got in next to me. She wrapped her arms around me and rested her chin on the top of my head as I let it all out.

After talking and crying and pigging out on two big gallons of ice cream, Lauren and I finally crashed and went to sleep. I still couldn't believe that Tim and I had broken up and that he was freaking engaged. I mean who the hell gets engaged at eighteen years old unless you were born back in the 1800s or something or you were having a kid? And I did truly believe that Tim's dad was behind it all because it just made sense. Tim was kind, but I was still angry that he was keeping this from me. And I was angry at Tim's dad for being such a ruthless jackass, scum of the earth.

                I woke up that night to buzzing. I lifted my head off the pillow and squinted into the pitch dark room. My cellphone was lighting up and buzzing on the bedside table. I reached my arm out and squinted at the bright screen. Tim had texted me. I took a deep breath and rolled onto my back to read the message. Lauren was still dead to the world next to me all curled up around her life size panda bear.

                I read the text message and got a little confused. It said: Meet me outside.

                I brushed my fingers through my tangly hair and plucked my glasses off the table and put them on. I wandered what the hell Tim wanted because I really didn't feel like having him beg for me back, but even if I accepted, what would happen when the wedding happened? I DID NOT want to be the girl who goes with a married man. There was no way.

                So, I reluctantly climbed out of the warm bed and pulled my soccer sweatshirt over my tank top and slipped on Lauren's sweater Uggs. I fumbled around in the dark, trying not to wake up Lauren and eventually got outside. It was much cooler than I had expected and I wrapped my arms around myself while looking around the dark neighborhood. There was a gloomy mist that covered the tips of the fake grass in all the yards on the block.

                I didn't see Tim, so I walked around to the backyard of Lauren's house and I came face to face with a hooded figure. "Tim?" I whispered leaning to try to see his face which was covered completely with his hood, "Tim, is that you?"

                I watched as his arms went up and slowly pulled down the hood of his sweatshirt and I almost fell over when I saw Tim's once perfect face completely covered in blood and angry bruises of almost every shade of every color of the rainbow. I moved closer to get a better look of Tim's face under the dim light of the spotlights outside of Lauren's house. "Holy shit," I breathed.

                One side of his face had a long, bleeding gash that ran from his right temple to the bottom of his jaw and multiple bruises all over his chiseled features. One of his eyes was all puffy and he could barely open it. He looked like he had just walked out of a Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie set.

                "Tim, what happened to you?" I asked quietly, reaching my hand out to touch his face but letting it drop to my side, not wanting to hurt him anymore.

                "I told my dad that I wouldn't marry Monica," Tim said his voice hoarse and shaky like he had been crying, "He flipped out and came at me and... Jasmine...Jasmine, I think- I think I might have killed him."




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