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The Star (Mystreet Boys X Reader) by EagleEmily
The Star (Mystreet Boys X Reader)by ~EagleEmily~
Welcome To My First Book! (Please don't hate but I do allow suggestions on things I should work on) ~~~~~~~ (Y/n) has an amazing story to tell! From fun and shocking mem...
  • mystreetxreader
  • rylan
  • boys
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{•Loving Him•} A Shadow and Sapphire Story by chatnoirpurrincess
{•Loving Him•} A Shadow and Alexandra Capone
Sapphire is new to one of the biggest Colleges in Mobious. But it's also not the greatest college ever. This College is the campus of a lot of bad kids. Some are into th...
  • love
  • newbeginnings
  • squads
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Ereno Origins: Blaze by we_are_ereno
Ereno Origins: Blazeby The Erenos
Lynn Inferno's life is more than what meets the eye. Follow her fiery journey to see how she ended up the way she did in Ereno Origins: Blaze.
  • stepfather
  • hurt
  • exp
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Sega Couple Love Story by SheenSaysWhat
Sega Couple Love Storyby SheenSaysWhat
Sega love
  • love
  • silver
  • blaze
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Blaze Saves One by MelLissLa
Blaze Saves Oneby Mel
  • fire
  • blaze
  • save
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Empty Love by FireTormented
Empty Loveby Fire
These little passages are in honor of my horse, Blaze, that passed away March 28, 2016. He was my everything and will be dearly missed.
  • horse
  • empty
  • love
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The Babysitting Adventure by shadowlover8
The Babysitting Adventureby Sydney
Mephiles the Dark turns Shadow the Hedgehog into a baby and the best Obsidian the catbat and her friends can do to help is babysit Shadow until the curse wears out. Shad...
  • obsidian
  • amy
  • babysitting
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Children of the Shadows~ PDH/MYS Next Generation! by IDabToHerSobs
Children of the Shadows~ PDH/MYS Oh My Lady Trash
Aphmau and her friends and family are done with high school. But what happens when their children are attending it. Phoenix Drop High is filled with many colorful stud...
  • phoenixdrophigh
  • garrance
  • dottie
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Ride or Die (Blaze x Violet) oc au by CasuallyCactus182
Ride or Die (Blaze x Violet) oc auby CasuallyCactus182
Blaze has been attending Phoneix Drop High school for only a year before a new girl shows up. Violet Evers just wants to stick to herself, not get close to anyone. But...
  • fanfic
  • aphmaufanfic
  • blazexoc
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Love and War (Sonic the hedgehog story) by NinaInParadise
Love and War (Sonic the hedgehog Nina Simpson
What do our favorite Sonic the Hedgehog characters do when they aren't saving the world with their fellow freedom fighters or working for the G.U.N. Agency? Thats simple...
  • romance
  • drama
  • shadow
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Aphmau pdh by cookiecup1568
Aphmau pdhby foxychan666
This is from my old account so you all know!
  • kai
  • ralyn
  • aaron
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The Nether [Editing] by FruityExplosions
The Nether [Editing]by Alexa
The Nether, also known as Minecraftia's hell. It's the second most dangerous place, people fear to go to that dimension because cruel creatures and A LOT of lava lies i...
  • thenether
  • minecraft
  • blaze
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Rise of the Guardians II: Our past by TereFrost
Rise of the Guardians II: Our pastby Teresa
  • elorigendelosguardianes
  • bunny
  • tooth
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~Silvaze~ Trapped In Misery by Sonic1115
~Silvaze~ Trapped In Miseryby Sonic1115
A short story inspired by the tragic event of Sonic The Hedgehog 2006. Silver is in a life of sorrow and pain, as the one he loves left to destroy Iblis and The Flames...
  • readafter
  • silvaze
  • silver
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The Story of Hazel-Goodrich by Hazel-Goodrich
The Story of Hazel-Goodrichby Hazel-Goodrich
Every chapter is a different short story about me and my best friend Blaze. We deal with adventures,natural happenings and bullies. Everything we do takes place on a sma...
  • grocery
  • blaze
  • hazel-goodrich
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"Insanity" by thelittle__one
"Insanity"by addictive_to_sarcasm
One word: Blaze. Inconsiderate, psychotic, insane, mean, annoying, perverted. "You'll notice how beautiful the silence is once you're heart stops beating." Ot...
  • insanity
  • lovestory
  • craziness
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~We Stand Together~ An Aphmau Fanfiction by MoistChibi
~We Stand Together~ An Aphmau MoistChibi
This fanfic is basically for fun and is my take of how Aphmau's When Angels Falls series would go. Plot: After the Ultima is revealed to be on the Starlight resort, the...
  • zane
  • garroth
  • blaze
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Blaze by SlimKim
Blazeby Kimberly
After a blaze destroys their home, one family is left to rebuild, unsure of how they'll do it, but sure that with God's help they can. Little do they know that come one...
  • god
  • destroyed
  • fire
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Ask the Sonic people by Tailithefacoon
Ask the Sonic peopleby Niki
Hey guys! I'm back with a new story!! You can ask anyone anything, nothing to bad... I WILL NOT BRING EXES INTO THIS. So other then that... ENJOY!!!
  • cream
  • knuckles
  • silver
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