Finding myself by Just_for_a_change
Finding myselfby Just_for_a_change
IIHighest rank no: 3II What are the repercussions of a rejection? 1. Getting numb 2. Failing to care about anyone else and 3. Genocide(yes just kill off everyone and g...
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Not a Normal Meif'wa (Blaze X Reader) DISCONTINUED 5/6/18 by HolidaySnow
Not a Normal Meif'wa (Blaze X ❤︎ Skylar ❤︎
❤︎ "Meif'wa Are Disgusting" ❤︎ ❤︎ You Have Heard It All Your Life. But There's This One Werewolf Boy Who Won't Stand It. Until He Crushes Your Heart ❤︎ ❤︎ Who...
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No Regrets! (Blaze X Reader) by Myukiui
No Regrets! (Blaze X Reader)by Myū~tan
All it takes is one mistake to end something so precious. But, it's worth the risk. To have fun and "live" life. Just don't look back. Don't look back, and eve...
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Blaze x Reader  (Aphmau Fan fiction)  by Animoomai
Blaze x Reader (Aphmau Fan Animoo
Y/n L/n is a new student attending Phoenix Drop High. What will happened when her friend Aphmau introduces her to Blaze, a handsome werewolf.
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Aphmau Boyfriend Scenarios by xWinter_Hunterx
Aphmau Boyfriend Scenariosby 《Mia Lycan》
Is your love life sad,Or do you just want to read fanfictions? If yes,Then you've come to the right spot! Over here we have Garroth,Laurence,Zane,Gene,Blaze,Travis,Aaro...
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Aphmau Boyfriend Scenarios   by aphs-queen
Aphmau Boyfriend Scenarios by Hailey 🎨
Aphmau Boyfriend Scenarios. Aaron~ Travis~ Laurance~ Vylad~ Zane~ Garroth~ Dante~ Gene~ Blaze~ Ein~ Kai~ <Made for girls and guys> Vote, comment, and request! ~St...
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Borkfriend Blaze X Reader by Kupcake_Productions
Borkfriend Blaze X Readerby Kupcake Productions
(Completed) At one point was #1 In BlazexReader Y/n L/n, a female werewolf, is now a freshman at PDH. She unexpectedly joins her cousin Daniel in this high school adve...
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BoboiBoy JOKES✔ by irya_bnny
BoboiBoy JOKES✔by Ahgase♡
[NEVER COMPLETE] Gempa-pandai masak, keibuan, pandai kemas rumah, paling sayang Thorn. hali-panas baran, suka tido, pemalas sikit, minat pikachu, sebilik dengan Taufan...
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☆Mystreet Preferences/Oneshots☆ by RamIsAWeeaboo
☆Mystreet Preferences/Oneshots☆by ❤Lucy❤
❝Will you be mine?❞ Includes: Gene, Laurence, Garroth, Ein, Daniel, Zane, Dante, Travis, Vlyad, Blaze, (Hey if anyone from the Oppai Clan is reading without me knowing...
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Abused In Highschool by WolfyTheWolfz
Abused In Highschoolby Wolfie The Wolfz
Sonic is a lonely kind of kidis gets abused at ome from hs brother and uncle because they blame him for his mothers death. He also gets bullied at school his best friend...
  • vector
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Shouldn't Have Left  by Markafaker
Shouldn't Have Left by Markafaker
After an incident that happened 5 years, the Sonic gang split up, leaving Mobius. All except Amy Rose, left. Having enough, Amy called for a reunion. With everyones new...
  • amy
  • blaze
  • sonic
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Sonadow- Who Says I Can't Handle a Gun (Rewrite) by Akua_the_hedgehog
Sonadow- Who Says I Can't Handle Akua The Hedgehog
The gang moved on from Mobius, ready for a new life. They left a heart-broken Sonic behind, who was fed up with everything. When they learn that someone named Streak sho...
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Regret [COMPLETED] by Petrafied101
Regret [COMPLETED]by Ultimate Crisis
A MCSM Fanfiction. Happiness emerges triumphant in the new Order of the Stone, or does it? All seems well for Jesse, who finds herself falling in love. But with whom? S...
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Boboiboy One Shots [ Request Open ] by Yami_Firefury
Boboiboy One Shots [ Request Open ]by Darkness
Welcome Dear Readers! My name Is Yami and this is my sister kuro! Feel free to request any Scenarios or one shots! you can even ask or dare our fellow characters! Kuro...
  • shiro
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Not Just a Little Sister - Blaze X Reader FanFic by cutekawaiimew
Not Just a Little Sister - Blaze Sunye
You are Rylan's little sister, and are starting your freshman werewolf year at Phoenix Drop High (PDH). Rylan introduces you to his friends, but all of them seem to not...
  • blazexreader
  • drama
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Blaze x Reader: Save Me From The Dark... ~COMPLETE~ by GAYBOI_MEMES
Blaze x Reader: Save Me From The Sosig
Hiiiiiiiii! This is my first story on wattpad! I don't know why I'm writing this but I guess I'll update it when I'm bored or I have an idea. I haven't seen many Blaze x...
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Aphmau guys + Ein Images and Preferences by ThePastelKitty
Aphmau guys + Ein Images and Kitty
Ever had a crush on the guys of MyStreet? Well here's your chance to imagine what it would be like to date them! ~NONE OF THESE CHARACTERS BELONG TO ME~ ~NONE OF THE AR...
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The King & Me (Dottie x Blaze) by Loveylindy
The King & Me (Dottie x Blaze)by Loveylindy
Many girls dream of being a princess some have gone far enough into believing they are one. But being a princess isn't all that great according to Dottie. Dottie is the...
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Fire and Ice (Blaze x Ein Aphmau fanfic)  by Charlotte_PlayZ
Fire and Ice (Blaze x Ein Aphmau Charlotte_PlayZ
Ein was known as the cold hearted guy in Highschool. Him and Blaze managed to meet again as they are now neighbours. Blaze wants to help Ein become a better person as Ei...
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