Borkfriend Blaze X Reader by Kupcake_Productions
Borkfriend Blaze X Readerby Kupcake Productions
(Completed) #1 In BlazexReader #10 in Aphmau Y/n L/n, a female werewolf, is now a freshman at PDH. She unexpectedly joins her cousin Daniel in this high school adventu...
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Aphmau Boyfriend Scenarios by xWinter_Hunterx
Aphmau Boyfriend Scenariosby 《Mia Lycan》
Is your love life sad,Or do you just want to read fanfictions? If yes,Then you've come to the right spot! Over here we have Garroth,Laurence,Zane,Gene,Blaze,Travis,Aaro...
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Control by JaslynTheWolf
Controlby JaslynTheWolf
It was a normal day for Amy Rose, she was older, her quills gotten longer, she was now very beautiful, and had stopped chasing Sonic, though she still did have a crush o...
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Heard the Blaze  by Maddyrolls10179
Heard the Blaze by Maddy G
Book #2 of the 2&2 Novels I can't hear. I'm deaf. Now for a werewolf it sucks. You basically can be snuck up on at any second. Someone can be behind you at all times an...
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Aphmau Boyfriend Scenarios ♡ by AllAboard_TheShip
Aphmau Boyfriend Scenarios ♡by padre
Small stories and oneshots! Requests always open as well as opinions on what can be improved! Each chapter I try to get at least 1,000 words into. Always and forever tru...
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Blaze x Reader: Save Me From The Dark... ~COMPLETE~ by GAYBOI_MEMES
Blaze x Reader: Save Me From The FORK KNIFE
Hiiiiiiiii! This is my first story on wattpad! I don't know why I'm writing this but I guess I'll update it when I'm bored or I have an idea. I haven't seen many Blaze x...
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Howl With Me| Blaze x Werewolf Reader|PHD meets Glenwood Prep by ThatRoleplayFanGirl
Howl With Me| Blaze x Werewolf Liz_The_Wolf
{#1 in Blaze x Werewolf Reader} {#6 in Glenwood Prep} (Your Name) is a werewolf but her family does not know...until a boy named Blaze makes the wrong potion that makes...
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Aphmau guys + Ein Images and Preferences by ThePastelKitty
Aphmau guys + Ein Images and Kitty
Ever had a crush on the guys of MyStreet? Well here's your chance to imagine what it would be like to date them! ~NONE OF THESE CHARACTERS BELONG TO ME~ ~NONE OF THE AR...
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BoboiBoy JOKES✔ by irya_bnny
BoboiBoy JOKES✔by Arshite_
Gempa-pandai masak, keibuan, pandai kemas rumah, paling sayang Thorn. hali-panas baran, suka tido, pemalas sikit, minat pikachu, sebilik dengan Taufan, pembersih. Taufan...
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The Random Book by Cio_Bronx_12
The Random Bookby Precious Maria
It will place random scenarios from different Times, with Elements, and myself included With different things, I will make stories and chapters,
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Aphmau Fan Art BL/GL by StupidCupidships
Aphmau Fan Art BL/GLby meh
I'm just going to put this as the title this is really nothing you're reading nothing right now you're still reading this while I'm proud of you you're great I love you
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aphmau on speed by StupidCupidships
aphmau on speedby meh
just a bunch of weird scenarios between characters and aphmau series
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Team Elemental by Crimson10k
Team Elementalby Clover Denis
I am going to rewrite this story in time. Please be patient.
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Saving Blaze by Midnight_Lobsterface
Saving Blazeby Midnight_Lobsterface
WORK IN PROGRESS Fixing errors
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Boboiboy Headcanons by Draculaura8
Boboiboy Headcanonsby Draculaura08
Fan made theories made by yours truly, Me.
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A Tape That Binds Us Both  by PrincelyEagle29
A Tape That Binds Us Both by Juliana Marcelle M. Gonzales
After 7 years of Sonic and Sally dating, Sonic had noticed Amy's absence around her friends. Making her act distant and cold towards her friends until Sonic decided to p...
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The King & Me (Dottie x Blaze) by Loveylindy
The King & Me (Dottie x Blaze)by Loveylindy
Many girls dream of being a princess some have gone far enough into believing they are one. But being a princess isn't all that great according to Dottie. Dottie is the...
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Puppy love (Daniel x Reader PDH) by thatunicorn1221
Puppy love (Daniel x Reader PDH)by That Unicorn
I do not own you or Aphmau's characters all characters belong to her and you belong to you I just own ocs and the story
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Just Another High School (Sonadow vs Sonourge) by Ficlover17
Just Another High School ( Ficlover17
Sonic's high school gets a group of new student in the new year. The sudden group of transfers is strange at first but Sonic ignores it, that is of course until a certai...
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My art from me and the Internet. Enjoy! ^U^ by MysteryPersonX_two
My art from me and the Internet. MysteryPersonX_two
First 40 suck (NO ALL OF THEM), just warning you. This is all my art from my mind, inspiration, or just art from the Internet. Copyright to all of the ones I use!!!
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