Not So Unwilling: Chapter Forty Six (THE END)

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Chapter Twenty Six

                "What?!" I exclaimed. "You think you killed your dad?"

                Tim dug his hands into his hair and pulled. "I... I don't know what happened? He was hitting me and then- and then I just took one of the kitchen knifes and stabbed him. I stabbed him until he fell to the floor and blood- "his voice cracked and he started to sob full out. Like I'm not even joking. He was crying harder than I had ever seen a guy cry in my life.

                "Did you call the police?" I asked, wrapping my arms around his shoulders and letting him fall into me.

                "They're on their way. My mom called a couple minutes ago."

                I couldn't comprehend anything. Tim killed his father. He could go to jail. And then what would happen to us? Would I be the girlfriend who only gets to talk to her boyfriend through a phone and only gets to see him through a bulletproof glass window? No. He wasn't going to go to jail. He couldn't! It was self defense... right?

                I tightened my grip on Tim as the sirens were audible as they raced towards us. I wouldn't let go. I wouldn't let them take him away from me.

                The police cars reached us and I heard the yells of the police officers and the pounding of their feet on the pavement. I wrapped my arm securely around Tim's waist and led him to his house, supporting as much of his weight as I could. I touched his chest to get some leverage on him and my arm was instantly covered in a hot, sticky liquid. Tim had a stab wound on his abdomen. The blood had blended in with his dark sweatshirt. I gently let Tim onto the grass and screamed, "HELP" as loud as I could. Tim couldn't die. I needed him!

                I heard people rushing towards us and I got onto my knees by Tim's head. His eyes were closed in pain and his face looked even worse if it was even possible. "Tim? Tim, look at me," I whispered, brushing his damp hair away from his forehead. He opened his wet, bloodshot eyes and looked at me. "Timothy Lenoir, I love you more than anything in the world. You are the most wonderful man to ever walk this earth and I love you. I love you so much it hurts, so please, please don't leave me." I started to cry and I rested my head against his and sobbed the word please over and over again until the EMT's took Tim away and I was left alone with what seemed like a million cops surrounding me.

                I locked eyes with Tim as he was strapped to a gurney and lifted up into the back of an ambulance. I saw his lips move and form the words, "I love you more." And I collapsed and cried my heart out into my hands which were completely covered in the man that I loved's blood.



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