Not So Unwilling: Chapter Eleven

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Chapter Eleven

I went to sit down at my usual lunch table with Lauren and James, and I was bombarded with questions and questions and questions from the two. What happened yesterday with Tim? Are you dating Tim? What's the secret that he knows? Is he blackmailing you? Were you guys holding hands? Do you...

"Whoa, whoa, whoa," I said, raising my hands in the air, trying to get them to stop firing questions at me, "One question at a time." James and Lauren rolled their eyes and thank the Lord in heaven, shut their mouths. "Ok, now Lauren, since I've known you longer, you may go first."

Lauren smiled smugly as James said, "Hey! No fair," and crossed his arms and pouted like a five year old.

"Lauren, proceed with your question," I said, getting prepared for the shot.

She rested her head on her hands and gazed at me. "What happened after school underneath the bleachers yesterday? And don't give us any bullshit, Jasmine Anne Leno. I've known you since kindergarten; I can tell when you're bullshitting."

I sighed and leaned back in the uncomfortable, cafeteria chair and I told Lauren and James everything just like I had done with Dorothy. I left out the part about my dad. Even though Lauren and James were me best friends, I still wasn't ready to tell them. Plus, I had a feeling that Lauren already knew. She was an observant girl and I think she got suspicious when I would come to school with unexplained bruises.

James looked pissed again. "That shit face. I'm going to chop his dick off and mount it on my dad's hunting wall if he ever even looks at you again."

Lauren scoffed. "Yeah, James, you're dad's really gonna love that when he walks in and finds a dick in between the deer's head and the bear's head."

I laughed. "Yeah, it's really not that big of a deal. It's just one month of me and Tim being a "couple" and then I have to be his date for the ball thingy. No big. I've gone through harder things in my life. I've watched every Texas Chainsaw Massacre with Lauren when her boyfriend broke up with her and I've played Call of Duty and Halo with James on his XBOX thousands of times."

"Speaking of XBOX, my brother just got Black Ops and..."

"Shut up, James," Lauren and I both yelled in unison. He just pouted, crossed his arms, and leaned back in his chair for the second time in a span of five minutes.

Lauren looked at me. "Jasmine, you still haven't told us the secret that Tim's blackmailing you with."

My heart began to pound in my chest ten times faster than it normally did and my palms were getting all sweaty. What was I going to tell them? I was a horrible liar and if I made anything up, they would know that it was fake.

I felt vulnerable under their gazes. "Well, aren't you going to tell us?" James asked impatiently. Lauren nudged him with her elbow and whispered him something that sounded like shutthehellup.

"I-uh...I...," I stuttered looking around the cafeteria. The jocks and popular girls were in the far left corner, throwing French fries, laughing boisterously, and making rude gestures to each other. The nerds were hovering over thick text-books. The stoners were very "inconspicuously" passing around a baggie of some type of drug and snorting it up their noses. The normal people, like Lauren, James, and I, were sitting at the tables doing boring, normal people things, like talking, listening to ipods, and texting on cell phones. And, the loners were scattered around the caf. You could tell who the loners were, because they were sitting by themselves. Some were reading books. Others were doing homework. But, the person who I gained interest in was the boy all the way in the back of the cafeteria by the vending machines. Garrett Blaze. He was the devil worshipper of WHS. Everyone stayed as far away from them as they could. He was a scary dude with long, greasy black hair hanging in his face, piercings all over his face and body, and a tattoo of the face of the devil on his shoulder and a tattoo on his chest of a phrase in Latin. No one knew what it said, but the rumors were that it meant something about how the world was going to be engulfed in flames at the end of the world.

"I got with Garrett Blaze," I whispered trying to make my voice as truthful as possible.

Lauren's eyes practically popped out of her head and shot me in the face and James looked like he was going to throw up. "What?!" They both screamed. The entire cafeteria went silent and all eyes were on us. I locked eyes with Tim who was sitting with the jocks in the corner of the room. He had a questioning look on his face. I averted my eyes and looked back at Lauren and James who were now apologizing to everyone about their sudden outburst.

Lauren, who was completely red in the face, bent her head closer to mine and whispered, "What do you mean you got with Garrett Blaze?"

I also leaned in. "I made out with him over the summer at Derek's end of school party," I lied. I felt so bad about lying to my best friends, but it was necessary if I didn't want them knowing my real secret.

"Why didn't you tell us this? Oh my God, this is serious. I can't believe you actually kissed a demon!" James said.

I laughed. "Look, I was drunk. You guys weren't there and I don't know. It just happened and Tim must have seen because he threatened to tell the entire school and make me a complete reject, unless I did what he said."

Lauren and James just stared at me in shock.

I got a little uncomfortable after about a minute of them just staring at me, so I said, "Will you please stop staring at me! It was just a kiss, no big deal."

"I just can't believe that you made out with that whack job and you didn't tell us! Why was he even at the party in the first place? Garrett Blaze has never gone to any after school function since we first me him," said Lauren.

Oh God, I muttered to myself. Lauren was just too smart and observant to submit to my weak lies. I was stupid to believe that she would fall for any of it.

I was literally saved by the bell when Lauren was just about to ask another question. She just shut her mouth and told me to call her that night, before linking arms with James to head up to their sculpture class. I sighed and ran my hands through my hair in frustration. What had I just done? I had dug myself into a ditch that was only growing bigger and bigger every second and it was all Tim's fault. Stupid bastard.


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