Anything  (Slow Updates) by normallyweirdo
Anything (Slow Updates)by NormallyWeird
Jay gets very bored easily. She asks for Anything to happen. All she wants is entertainment, but what happens when she gets it? -~~~~~~<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "I hate...
  • jealous
  • hate
  • love
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Colored Routes | Eddsworld by Eddsii
Colored Routes | Eddsworldby Axis
A story of Y/N moving in a house, however things turned out unexpected, A past story, childhood and coma... You wake up in a room filled with 4 boys with different perso...
  • mattxreader
  • tomxreaders
  • romance
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Violet Reviews Things by VioletSun5
Violet Reviews Thingsby Violet Sun
--WARNING-- Honest reviews inside. I will point out the flaws in your work. If I don't like your book, I will tell you I didn't like it. Don't ask for a review here if...
  • bookclub
  • reviews
  • nitpicking
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Girl's Guide To Everything by _Misunderstood_xx
Girl's Guide To Everythingby 🌻
Here is your 'Girl Guide To Everything ' book . Where I would be writing about Life hacks , diy , school , social , quizzes , ect ... I update every Wednesday ,Saturday...
  • drama
  • hacks
  • guide
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Male Reader X Various Female Characters (REQUESTS CLOSED) by The-Ice-Virus
Male Reader X Various Female The-Ice-Virus
says it all in the title
  • anything
  • malereader
  • anime
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Random Memes: Part 2 by SweetCynoCup-
Random Memes: Part 2by Hiatus
Another book of memes for you to enjoy. Don't even know why I made one again. Welp, stick around and join some memes.
  • anything
  • random
  • bigbangtheory
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Random Memes  by SweetCynoCup-
Random Memes by Hiatus
Cause why not? Join the fun and look at some funny memes. None of the pictures on here are none of my own. Just enjoy them.
  • undertale
  • familyguy
  • funny
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(COMPLETED) Killua X Reader One shots! by randumgurl02
(COMPLETED) Killua X Reader One trash-man-in-trash-bin
Here, there will be a book of one shots between you and killua zoldyck (or just random character x character shots) I take requests, so if you have any requests please l...
  • romance
  • fluff
  • killuaxreader
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JiKook One Shots by RapMonnieDance
JiKook One Shotsby N!c♡le
Just Jikook Stories [Started: October 16, 2017] [Ended: February 26, 2018]
  • bts
  • jimin
  • anything
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Uta No Prince Sama x Reader by foxesrosedagger
Uta No Prince Sama x Readerby Fox Raven
Updating Nearly daily. This fanfiction follows the plot of the anime itself with an occasional x reader oneshot. OCs: Moongazer, Fox, Tadpole, Aurora.
  • tokiyaichinose
  • comedy
  • utanoprincesama
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❤️DL SCENARIOS❤️ [NO X READER] [ Nakura_Sakamaki
Welcome to my Diabolik Lovers Scenarios book! The one and only book for some of the best scenarios in DL! NO X READER SCENARIOS IN THIS BOOK ***NEW COVER - 25/01/17***...
  • music
  • ishouldstopwiththesetagsnow
  • boyfriend
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My Rants! by Epius1832
My Rants!by Epius1832
My thoughts on EVERYTHING!!!
  • lesmiserables
  • regent
  • illness
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MendesBlake's Faves REQUESTS OPEN by MendesBlakeNestor
MendesBlake's Faves REQUESTS OPENby 𝓒𝔂𝓫𝓮𝓻𝓵𝓲𝓯𝓮
Request for anything about anything
  • anything
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Emo band roleplays by Satan_Is_Gay345
Emo band roleplaysby Frnkiboi
  • love
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Deckard Shaw x Reader  (Fast and Furious Movies Fanfiction) by MissyR33
Deckard Shaw x Reader (Fast and 💖
Probably wont get any reads... But oh whale *shrugs* (UNDER EDITING!!!!!)
  • requestanything
  • fastandfurious
  • anything
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One Shots/Short Stories by creepyredriolu
One Shots/Short Storiesby Junebug
"While I live, I want to shine. I want to prove that I exist." -Grovyle Most of these are the result of a random thought forming in my head. The short stories...
  • horror
  • violence
  • oneshots
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Yuri on ice Mpreg/regular one-shots  by Calum_hood_sister
Yuri on ice Mpreg/regular Calum_Hood_sister
Title pretty much explains it
  • gay
  • mpreg
  • request
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Me, Myself, and I by dream-is-reality
Me, Myself, and Iby Jenny Raylen
If you would like to get to know the girl known as Jenny, read this book where I'll document my journey as a writer and person. I will post thoughts, experiences, and fa...
  • share
  • feelings
  • rant
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Jared leto Imagines by JaredLetoAndMJfan108
Jared leto Imaginesby Kaitlynn Stevens
this is a book about you and Jared Leto there will be some errors I ain't gonna lie to you I have bad grammar but no ones perfect I do request please don't be afraid...
  • jared
  • imagens
  • happytimes
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Boyf Riends Smutty One Shots??? by Pleasehelpme86
Boyf Riends Smutty One Shots???by Pleasehelpme86
I saw a pic on google and it was so amassing and funny and awkward, I felt like I had to!
  • smutt
  • boyf-riends
  • lolololololol
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