Not So Unwilling: Chapter Forty

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Chapter 40!!! WOAH!!! thats a lot of chapters! So far, this story is on the verge of 50,000 words!!!! OMG!!!! That's a lot of words!!!! Anyway, this is the first part of the lenoir ball. tim's got a pretty crazy family!!!!!! Hope you enjoy!!! <33


Chapter Forty

                It was the day of the Lenoir Legacy Ball and I was freaking out as Lauren pulled on my hair trying to get it to curl the way she wanted it to.

                "Jasmine, shut up. His parents are gonna love you. Everyone loves you, so I don't know why you are freaking out so much," she said, yanking on a strand of my hair causing me to yelp. She mumbled a sorry and continued yanking.

                "But what if they think I'm too ugly for him or too poor. You know, compared to him, I'm pretty much a bum who lives on the street. Don't rich parents want their kids to marry other rich kids? You're rich. What would your mom say if you brought home a middle-class guy who doesn't really have anything special about him? Would she be..."

                "Jasmine Anne Leno, shut the hell up, seriously. Stop being so fucking self conscious and be happy that you're who you are and that Tim loves you for it. If you say one more negative thing about yourself, I will pull all of your hair out and make you go bald."

                "Tim never said he loves me," I muttered, picking at my cuticles. Lauren caught me and slapped my hands like a nun at a catholic school.

                "He does. Believe my instincts, Jazz. That boy is completely head over heels in love with you."

Finally, Lauren finished torturing me with the curling iron and makeup brush and let me look in the mirror. My hair was pulled up into a half up- half down do with perfect, soft curls cascading around my face and down my back like a shimmery black waterfall. There was not a single blemish on my face not covered and my cheeks looked rosy like I was permanently blushing. My eyes looked even bigger and were framed with long, thick lashes and my lips were plump and covered in glossy, pink lip gloss.

                I looked like I belonged in a magazine.

                "Oh my God, Lauren, you are a miracle worker," I said, examining the work on my face and hair that had taken almost three hours to accomplish.

                Lauren wiped her hands on her bare legs and smiled. "You can thank me later because right now we have to get you all zipped up in your dress. Tim will be here in less than half an hour."

                I nodded my head and followed Lauren into her closet where my dress was hanging on a rack. This time there was no possible way for me to wear a bra because you would be able to see the back of it with the very low plunge of the back, but there was padding in the bust, so I was all good.

                I slipped on the silky dress and Lauren zippered me up. She handed my heels and I slipped them on also. I went to look in the full length mirror and I truly felt beautiful. I stared into my hazel eyes in the mirror and glanced at Lauren who was standing behind me admiring me in the mirror. "You look stunning, Jasmine," Lauren said, putting her hands on my arms and smiling, "All the girls there will envy your beauty and Tim is going to full out drool when he sees you."

                I smiled back. "I think so too."

                And Tim did pretty much drool as we were in the limo heading to Tim's grandmother's house, which I had heard was even bigger than Tim's house which was extremely hard to even imagine.

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