Not So Unwilling: Chapter Thirty Eight

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last one for the night. we're getting close to the end, but we're not quite there yet. some shit is gonna go down tho, so stay tuned.


Chapter Thirty Eight


                "Finally," said Tim, smiling at me and pulling me down on top of him to kiss me. We kissed and I stayed overnight at his house, telling my mom I was really at Lauren's and telling Lauren the truth.

                We didn't do anything dirty, just slept and I was completely content with that. Just being close to Tim made me feel like I was surfing on a cloud.

The rest of the month of September passed incredibly fast. Tim and I were going steady and the entire school was informed. I'd get dirty looks from girls as I walked hand in hand with Tim down the halls and guys gave Tim more high fives and fist bumps than was necessary.

                I had finally mastered the walktz, polka, and was almost done with the mazurka, which was probably the most complicated dance ever invented. I had so many bruises on my hips and legs from falling so much; I looked like I was a bull rider.

                All I needed for the Lenoir Ball was a gown and some heels, which Lauren and I were going to go shopping for with Tim's credit card which he had given me and told me to charge on it whatever I wanted. The advantages of having an incredibly rich boyfriend were wonderful.

                My soccer team was 5-0, which was a great accomplishment soon to be destroyed when we played AustinHigh School, who was inevitably going to beat us on November 2. The football team was doing really well also. They were like 6-0 or something and with their dream team, all of West was almost positive they were going to make it to states easily and possibly Nationals.

                Lauren and I ditched school early to head to the mall Friday night. We were seniors so it didn't matter because we just had study hall last period. That Sunday was the Lenoir Ball and I was pretty freaked out about going to it. I mean I had to meet Tim's like entire family, which was going to be pretty nerve-wracking! I was probably going to embarrass myself a lot like Gaylord Focker in Meet the Parents.

                Lauren and I arrived at the mall in my Volvo. I parked in the lot and we headed to Lord and Taylor. We spent the first hour ordering the sales assistant around in Lord and Taylor and pretending we were stuck up rich bitches. Well, Lauren was rich, but she didn't act it.

                I tried on about a million dresses in Lord and Taylor by all kinds of designers: Chanel, Dolce and Gabanna, Dior, and other very expensive and high maintenance designers I never even heard of. But, I didn't find one that looked even half-way decent. The same thing happened in Bloomingdales and other department stores that had merchandize that was ridiculously overpriced. Three hours and many cups of coffee later, we went into Macy's as a last resort and the second I walked in, I found the perfect dress.

                It was a very deep shade of violet and reached all the way to the floor. The straps on the dress were long chains of round, diamond studded circles that went all the way down the back until the dress started back up at the very bottom so to cover the wearers butt. The bodice had a big diamond stone in the middle of the bust and the waist was form fitting and then the dress flowed out as it got to the bottom. "Oh my God," I said, running over to the dress and running my fingers over the soft, silk fabric.

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