Not So Unwilling: Chapter Three

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<P>So I'm grounded tonight and I'm really bored, so I wrote the next chapter. It's kinda boring and more of a filler explaining somethings in the story. I hope you like it!!</P>


<P class=MsoNormal>Chapter Three</P>

<P class=MsoNormal> </P>

<P class=MsoNormal>                I exited Statistics and walked fast to me and Tim's lockers. I stood in front of his locker and stared him down when he approached.</P>

<P class=MsoNormal>                "Ah, I see you changed your mind and you want to come home with me and have the best sex of your life," he said with a big smirk on his face, "I knew you would eventually come to your senses."</P>

<P class=MsoNormal>                "Oh, shut up, Tim. I'm just here because I want to know what the hell you know about me that's so bad," I said still staring at him.</P>

<P class=MsoNormal>                Tim smiled his devilish smile and leaned his head down so that his lips were at me ear- he really had a fetish for whispering in people's ears- and said, "I'll never tell you unless you give me a kiss."</P>

<P class=MsoNormal>                "That's not fair!" I exclaimed, pushing him away from me. "You said that I would only have to kiss you if I didn't want everyone to know my secret, which I don't even know myself! Tim you're being stupid. Just tell me and then I'll determine whether it's bad enough that I have to kiss you!"</P>

<P class=MsoNormal>"Ouch, I'm hurt, shmoopie, kissing me isn't bad. Believe me. It'll be the best kiss of your life," he said seductively, leaning his head down and staring intently at my lips. I got really warm and sweat began to form on the back of my neck.</P>

<P class=MsoNormal>                "Tim, get the hell away from me and tell me my fucking secret!" I yelled causing some people still in the hallways to stop and stare at us.</P>

<P class=MsoNormal>                Tim smiled. "Only if you kiss me."</P>

<P class=MsoNormal>                "I'm not going to kiss you. Tell me!" I screamed. I was really causing a scene now, but I was just so freaking mad. I wanted to know what information I was being blackmailed with.</P>

<P class=MsoNormal>                "Not until you kiss me."</P>

<P class=MsoNormal>                "Ahhhh!" I screamed pushing passed him and sprinting away from him. I heard him chuckle softly as I pushed open the door of the staircase with so much force, I almost killed the guy who happened to be behind it. I mumbled a sorry and headed down the girls' locker room.</P>

<P class=MsoNormal>                I was fuming as we warmed up on the screwed up, yellowing field. I was so angry that I was pushing past everyone as we scrimmaged Chester and got called for all these penalties. I broke some girl's nose and knocked the breath out of at least six girls until Coach pulled me out and sent me to the track to run seven miles: a mile for each girl I hurt. I was glad to get away and just run. It wasn't fun, running seven miles, it hurt like a bitch, but I was glad for the distraction. </P>

<P class=MsoNormal>                The first time I met Tim was the first day of freshman year. I came to WHS from a catholic school so I was the new kid. No one at WHS knew me and I only knew the people who had gone to catholic school with me and there were very few.</P>

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