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The dragon rider (Harry potter fanfic) by abbietjdosg
The dragon rider (Harry potter abbietjdosg
Olivia Anderson, also know as one of the greatest witches of all time Straight after she left hogwarts she joined the ministry and started her training to become an Aur...
Our Cute Demon Summoner (BNHA X HAZBINHOTEL) by Vienna_Darling
Our Cute Demon Summoner (BNHA X Vieby/Baby
In which a sweet little girl named kimiko y/n has a quirk named 'hazbin' and she is able to talk and summon demons in hell which are referred to as 'hazbins' or in other...
Into The Unkown by renealicia
Into The Unkownby Alicia-Rene Nell
Olivia Swan is the adopted daughter of Charlie and Renee. Growing up she always had a protector. She met him when she was the young age of six when her biological mother...
The Puppet (Hazbin Hotel x Marionette OC) by D1sastr0usK41
The Puppet (Hazbin Hotel x D1sastr0usK41
A story of a person who had a rough life, he ended up killing his own mother and killed himself not too long after that. He was sent to hell and not long after, he made...
The Contract Saga, BOOK 1: Story Of a Mask by Zodiac36Gold
The Contract Saga, BOOK 1: Story zodiac36gold
Hell. Sounds like a bad place right? Well, actually it is a bad place . All sinners end up here, and so did I. But I am a special case, very special. You want to know m...
The Charismatic Charlie Wade (Part 1) by Dayne_niel
The Charismatic Charlie Wade ( Daniel Harry
Charlie Wade was the live-in son-in-law that everyone despised, but his real identity as the heir of a prominent family remained a secret. He swore that one day, those w...
The Ghost of Hell by D1sastr0usK41
The Ghost of Hellby D1sastr0usK41
Ghast was a very timid and shy boy, he would always get bullied because of how he looked like a girl despite his age. He was insulted many times for his girlish feature...
A Fiery Love: A Charlie Weasley Love Story by AndiPandi
A Fiery Love: A Charlie Weasley AndiPandi
Studying dragons has always been a dream of Isabella "Izzy" Jennings, but when she falls for Charlie Weasley, the Dragon Trainer, things seems to be getting st...
Fiery Love {Charlie Weasley} by theweirdchic
Fiery Love {Charlie Weasley}by theweirdchic
"You're cute when you're angry, Scamander." "Shut it, Weasley." *Beautiful cover by @-evieskenobi* *DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN ANY PART OF THE WIZARDIN...
The Fox Demon (Alastor x Demon!M!Reader) by NurulAqilah394
The Fox Demon (Alastor x Demon!M! Ryunosuke
"For the last time Alastor, stop teleport me whenever you like when I'm trying to enjoy my day!" "Oh but honey, I know you love it!" 'Fox' or his re...
Twin opposites (shy male Alastor x hazbin hotel) by Genuinenovelty
Twin opposites (shy male Alastor Genuinenovelty
The radio demon. The most powerful demon in all of hell. People shutter at the mention of his name. They know of the unspeakable acts even for hell that his has committe...
Years Ago (Husk x Reader)  by rainystorm_
Years Ago (Husk x Reader) by Mooncake ✨
Husk, the cat demon, hasn't felt love for years and thought he lost the ability to do so. He doesn't know that he will have the bad luck of falling for a demoness, Y/N...
Here Right Now | Charlie Weasley by unknownwriters
Here Right Now | Charlie Weasleyby Mards
Charlotte wasn't always a sentimental person, not until her world was thrown upside down by a horrible accident. Then, to make matters worse, her parents decide to move...
1 Way Ticket To Hell(Hazbin Hotel Harem x Male Reader) by MEMEmasterr420
1 Way Ticket To Hell(Hazbin .
You built a machine that was able to teleport you through different dimensions until you ended up in the hell dimension.
Hazbin Hotel X Reader by Weeb_Trash26
Hazbin Hotel X Readerby Weeb_Trash26
You're a demon, named Y/N, you've been sent to hell for murder, torture, and such sins. You're a pretty insane demon and you're hellish being will make friends and foes..
Black Rose {Fred Weasley} ✓ by theweirdchic
Black Rose {Fred Weasley} ✓by theweirdchic
"The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. T...
Hazbin Hotel - Charlie x Male Angel Reader by Miserable-Wretch
Hazbin Hotel - Charlie x Male Robyn Young
After word gets out to Heaven that a certain demon princess was opening up a hotel to redeem other demons, the big man God himself sends an agent of Heaven down to Hell...
fool for ya | tmd preferences and headcanons by _astroshiine
fool for ya | tmd preferences sydney c✌🏻😗
"are we ducks or what?" in which i, the author, write preferences and headcanons for our favorite hockey players, the mighty ducks.
The Infinity Love! by _dhruvii_
The Infinity Love!by D.
Hey peepz! I'm new here. It's my first story. So Manik and Nandini's love inspires me alot. So I thought why not give it a shot by some other plot. So here it goes- &q...