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Aaron & Jizzmine by YouTubersGaming
Aaron & Jizzmineby YouTubersGaming
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Loved You First- a Larry fanfic by ImNotGirlie
Loved You First- a Larry fanficby ImNotGirlie
Comment for suggestions if you have a good idea. Fllow me @LWWY_TheCity too :P Tell your friendss :P
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I'm Sorry JustMine by DreamBigOrWakeUp
I'm Sorry JustMineby DreamBigOrWakeUp
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Dancing for Mr. Rocky by T_Brezzy
Dancing for Mr. Rockyby sensationallyadorn’
Jasmine is a professional dancer so when Rockys manager calls and says that they need her for the tour she more than excited but one thing Rocky is her crush every since...
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The love I have for you (sequel to The  New Girl) by adoremouriana
The love I have for you (sequel to...by 🌨
Its just the sequel to The New Girl. All in the title
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I loved you First ~ S.M (Being Editing) by jasminecutie17
I loved you First ~ S.M (Being Edi...by jasminecutie17
{CRINGE ALERT!!!!!!!!!} jasmine is Scott and Stiles best (girl) friend but she love Scott ever since they where kids then Allison get into the picture and jasmine becom...
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forever love by CaKeFayaJoshaya
forever loveby CaKeFayaJoshaya
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Fall of Angel by KurohyouWater
Fall of Angelby KurohyouWater
Angelique Simmons sounds very much like a good girl name, but no. She runs with a pack of hyenas who laugh as they tear their helpless victims apart. She and her pack dr...
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Under The Moonlight by Skyglider
Under The Moonlightby Sky😎
Jasmine's attempts to secure a husband during the London season unknowingly attract the attention of Lord Andrew Lockhart, the Earl of Huntingdon. He, on the other hand...
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Stuck on Stupid by RestlessPen
Stuck on Stupidby RestlessPen
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My Neighbours A Vampire!?! by MonsterKitty
My Neighbours A Vampire!?!by A.L.Smith
"Let me guess Bi-polar?" I said in a jokingly tone but of course I was scared to the bone of what he was going to say next. I think, deep down I already knew. ...
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Living With The Wilson Brothers by Notjustanotherweirdo
Living With The Wilson Brothersby Liz
After Jasmines mother leaves her and her father, he begins to drink A LOT. One day, 17 year old Jasmine Anderson has had a enough. She runs away to her mothers house in...
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Frenemies(JustinBieber Fanfic) by Heartbreaker99_
Frenemies(JustinBieber Fanfic)by LifeofJiJi
Justin and Jasmine were best friends. They did everything together; from putting on their shoes to building sand castles. Until Sasha Davon came along. Now they're en...
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The Love We Got by Skylar_Witch13
The Love We Gotby Skylar_Witch13
Roxanne Blue is a beautiful and smart girl. She's an amazing singer and dancer. She likes basketball and always she's always having fun with her awesome bestie CeCe Jone...
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Forever To Be Loved by _TaLeyahLOVE
Forever To Be Lovedby Ta-Ley'ah Juanita
When Sah'nai Huntley was diagnosed, the doctor said she had six months left to live. Sah'nai had one wish that she wanted to be fulfilled. She wanted to fall in love. Bu...
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The Sun, Moon, and Marco by zebra_zehra
The Sun, Moon, and Marcoby Zehra
Clem Ferron thought she was going to have a simple senior year at her new school. She was going to get in the NASA space program she had been dreaming about since she wa...
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The Flower And The Machine by SallyWilliams02
The Flower And The Machineby Sally Williams
Jasmine was the victims sister, and Sherlock was solving the murderer, but she was no ordinary grief stricken girl. She doesn't feel grief, or sadness, or happiness. Jas...
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Ronnie banks by alexis_odger
Ronnie banksby alexis_odger
What happens when Ronnie banks meets Jasmine V, will they become more then friends or start a family,
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Aladdin: Remixed by MysteriousAuthor2105
Aladdin: Remixedby MysteriousAuthor2105
----OC Falls Into Movie/What if...?---- Hey Wattpad Users! I completely own this fanfic but not the Aladdin movie itself. Want proof? Go onto Quotev and search for 'Cait...
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