the calm

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4 months later

Dasanii POV

I am now 5 months pregnant and I was content with it , was I happy ? No not really but like I said I'm content I'm dealing with it

"Mommy , mommy"

"Yes Da'Sahn"I sighed this little boy was slowly getting on my nerves asking all these questions

He's very quiet but with me and kee , he'll talk our heads off for hours . I'm in the stage of getting him to be social with other people but it's really not working out . he don't even really talk to G

Its like he's a mute but he's not , of course I took him to the doctors but all he told me was that he'll talk when he's ready to . but thats not gon to work with me so I started telling him to go ask such and such this for mommy , a couple times he cried

I just think my baby boy just hate people but I really want him to get out of that . he's gon have to talk to other people I'm not gon be here forever

Closed mouths don't get fed

"Can I have some ice cream?"

"No we bouta go out with grandma and papa"

My parents finally took me off of block list and decided to meet up with me and the kids. I hope they can forgive me it's been too Damn long and I do miss them

"Me no wanna go , us stay here"

"No , where's kee?"

"Iont know wea that stoopid gurl at"he pouted

"Don't call your sister stupid , what I tell you about that! Go find her"

He stomped out the room I swear he got his father's attitude

"Keenon !!!"I yelled sitting on the bed


"Don't what me come the Fuck here"I mugged

Hearing his foot steps I scooted back more

"You gon stop talking to me like that"he said holding love

"Shut up and give me my baby"I said holding out my hands

He carefully placed love in my hands I cooed at him making him squeal out baby noises. I can't lie he melted my heart the first time I held him

"Look at my baby"

"Don't spoil him , you already got Da'Sahn thinking he running shit"

"They mommies boys"I kissed Love all over his Face

"What you wanted?"

"Can you help me put on my shoes"

"Yea which ones you wanna put on ma"

"My Gucci ones blood"I laughed

"You not gang" he went and got them. getting on his knees in front of me He grabbed my right leg first

"Yea I am take me to the block bet you all the hood niggas Fuck with the kid"

Love made some baby noises

"See My son know"

Keenon laughed

"Whatever" after he finished putting my shoes on he scooted in between my legs rubbing my stomach

"When we go find out the gender?"he asks

"My appointment next week"

"Its a boy I already know"

"You gon be salty of it's a girl"

"You know kee ain't having that"

"What she say don't goes nigga remember that , she run all over you"

"You just jealous"


"Cause Shes my favorite girl"he smirked I rolled my eyes

"Boy bye I ain't worried bout that cause everybody knows sanii's your fav"

He kissed my stomach

"We should go take pictures"

"Paternity pictures?"

"Yea me and you naked nd shit"

I laughed

"You just wanna see my goodies"

"It have been a min tho when you gon yahmeen" he pecked my lips

"Don't be saying that around my son G"

He smiled big


He shook his head


"Tell me"

"I just wanna say I appreciate you stepping in to be his mom , You loving my son makes me love you so much more . you didn't have to do this but-

"What makes you think I wasn't . sometimes I really think you think less of me"

He sucked his teeth

"See here you go , why cant you just take a compliment , I wasn't even saying it the way you tryna put it "

"I feel as though you should've already knew I was together or not "I rolled my eyes

"Cut that fucking attitude out dawg "

"Move"I pushed him

"I know what you need and when we come back home ima fix it"He said getting up

"Ew, I don't want you"

"Get up before we be late , kee and Sahn ! Lets go"


The car ride was full of giggles , the kids were full of energy I low key was happy about that cause while we out they can burn it and as soon as We get home they gon be knocked the Fuck out.



"Who is you whatting ?"

"Yes sanii"

"That's better "I smiled "I'm scared though"

"Of what ? Seeing ya parents"

"Yeah , I don't even know why they was mad for so long and ignoring me they knew what I was going through and they just shut me out "

"They were hurt too babe ,"

I sucked my teeth

As we pulled in to Friday's I got nervous my palms started sweating and I was shaking

"Calm down , you making me nervous"g laughed at me

"It's not funny , I'm bouta walk into some shit"

We got out the car and got the kids out I had love and he had the twins

"Comere choc"

"Yes"I said walking over standing in front of him

"No matter what I got you , they gon forgive you and we gon move on from this I promise" he kissed my lips

And that's exactly what we did , they welcomed me back with open arms , I apologized over and over to my dad cause I know I hurt him the most , I know that'll never be enough but he assured me everything was fine

For a moment I felt like everything was back to normal , my friends are okay , we just been riding this thing out all together

Dee Convinced slim and G not to go after whoever flipped her car , I get it tho she's just happy that she survived but knowing those 2 they gon go look for revenge . Especially slim .

Even though everything was calm right now I still got an eerie feeling that the rainbows wasn't ready to come out . There was another storm coming

Hopefully no-one gets hurt   

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