Daughters and Sons

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"Came in the world crying and fussing nigga we ain't have nothing"

April 5th

Keenon POV

Today was a very special Day , Kee'Onna Deemani Jackson and Da'Sahn Kahlil Jackson was born. I couldn't help but smile as I looked down at my kids as I held them both , the family was standing all around me coping at them

"Gossh kee kee look just like Sanii , head full of curls , chocolate and Dee blue eyes she even thick Damn" Shawnee said

My baby girl look exactly like her mama it didn't make no since I wish she could see this

"Ima have my gun locked and loaded"Roy said causing laughter

"Look at my nephew he gon be a heartbreaker with them green eyes man"dee said

"Just like his daddy"I beamed

"Ewww you ugly , ain't no heart breaker don't even no why sanii got with you"

"Cause I slang good di-

"Go ahead so I can knock to was out Keenon" my momma said

We joked and cooed at my kids for the while day . I'm so glad they came into my life , now we just waiting for waiting for their momma and we'll be complete. After everybody left .... Kenya showed up she been really supportive about Sanii ever since that day in the hospital we kept in touch

"Wow they are so beautiful"she smiled

"Yea they are"

"She looks just like her mama gosh"

I smiled knowing me and Sanii created 2 beautiful people , my daughter man she's just perfect to me ima do everything in power to protect her and take care of her I know she him be spoiled ima give her whatever she wants . MY son , I'll be sure to teach him life lessons teach him to be a man , ima always be there for him no matter what , both of them

I promise

Dee dee POV

"Ooooh baby right there"I moaned

Slim was sucking the life out of me with every lick the more wet I became , he began to swirl his tongue around my clit causing me to shiver

"Damn...... Baby shit"

My legs began to shake and I came hard all over his tongue , I was breathing hard , the best head I ever had

He came up and hovered over me

"You taste good ma"

"Thank you , let me do you"

"Naw I'm tired I just did that cause I know you was stressed"

Why he gotta be so perfect 😩

"Babe I want to"

I pulled his dick out of his draws , slim wasn't nowhere near small he was long and thick just how I like it . I wrapped my lips around his shaft and started to go to work , for some reason I enjoyed sucking slim dick , sometimes I do it just because

After he came , I layed beside him. Our relationship has been nothing but the best even though we low key about it , slim just not ready to tell Ace about us and I understand , they are friends and the last thing I wanna do is come in between their broship the only people who know about us is G and Bell

"I love you Deemani"he whispered

"I love you too baby"


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