set up

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Keenon POV

"Is it true that you beat your pregnant ex girlfriend?"

"Yg why did you do it ?"

"What do you have to say for yourself?"

Reporters were swarming soon as I stepped out the hospital I wasn't feeling this shit not one bit

"Yg is it true that your current girlfriend is carrying her rapistes baby?"

I quickly turned around , slim grabbed me

"Nah man"I snatched away from him "what the Fuck you say blood?"

I stepped in his face , he pushed his glasses closer , one thing I hate about these bitch ass reporters is their mouths today was the wrong fucking day

"You wanna fucking repeat that nigga!"I gripped him the Fuck up

"G bhill let that nigga go , lets go we Ont have time for this"slim said

"Nigga don't ask me no fucking questions"I pushed him to the ground "back the fucking cameras out my face ! Y'all need To mind y'all fucking business"I yelled out

I got in the Car and sped off to my place

"Yo so what's the plan , what you gon to say to her?"slim asked

"Ima do what dee said make her believe I'm done with Sanii and want her til my son is born then boom I take my son and be out"

"You saying that shit like it's gon be easy"he laughed "Fuck you gon tell Sanii when you gotta go home nd shit , Kenya gon start questioning you about being over there what about the kids ?"

I really haven't thought this shit through

"I say we kidnapp her , y'all basement finished tie her ass up , I know this lil Bitch nique she's a live in nurse pay her good she keep quiet and keep Kenya ass feed and clean"

I nodded my head liking the plan ,

"Somebody gon come looking for her and when they do , we get that nigga 9 times outta 10 that was her partner"

"Nigga why you ain't say nun of this at the hospital you had me bouta listen to dee dee corney ass plan" I laughed

"Nigga don't act like you wasn't bouta use my girl plan and plus I ain't want Dee dee to know about the street shit we do"

I laughed

"Yous a pussy , dee already know about this lifestyle we here live , she used to ride with ace all the time member she took that bullet for that nigga?"

"Yea , but iont wanna put her in that type of position like that nigga did ya mean , I love my Bitch too much to let her get into this lifestyle I wanna keep her away from this shit"

I understand where he coming from cause I wouldn't dare let Sanii into this street shit , ain't no getting out of this shit live by the gun die by the gun

Since a young I been jumped off the porch I was 10 when I bussed my first gat at the opps , my Ogs had me riding dirty in Johnnies man I been through it all with my niggas . the streets were my Fam then a young nigga met Sanii and she changed ya boy got on my school shit and followed my dream I was still in this street shit but not heavy like i was

I pulled up to my brib and we went in , nobodies here but I had an errie feeling somebody was watching us , I turned on the lights

"Nigga I got this bad vi-

Before slim could even finish his sentence bullets were coming through the Windows I dropped down on the grown pulling out my 9 and bussed back ..... Who ever was letting off these shots ain't came to play bullets were flying past my head and shit

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