Dates !

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Dee dee POV

"Are you fucking serious ?"bell asked after I told her everything that went down yesterday I juss feel so fucked up about it

"Girl I wouldn't make this shit up , Sanii was in tears you know she love the twins something serious"

"I know , did anybody talked to Shawnee since then?"

"No Uncle George said give her a day or two. I wanna mix tootsie dead beat muva ass"

"This shit crazy I can't believe this shit I just wanna hold Shawnee right now and tell her how much I love her"

"All this shit came out over a bet and a necklace"

"A bet ?"bell scrunched up her face

"Yea that's how Ray Ray got the necklace right?"

"That thot ain't say shit about no bet , she was talking like she was fucking G"

I throw the couch pillow

"Bitch what ! She a fucking lier , she said yo ass was standing right there when she mentioned the bet"

"She ain't say shit I put this on granddaddy , I was listening tryna get some tea , I was gon tell sanii . she ain't say they fucking but she was acting like it"

"You know she fucked kajon Shawnee ol man"

Bell scoffed

"I ain't surprised Sharay is a whore you kno I ain't never liked her since we was kids"

"Wait till I tell sanii she lied , she gotta get the Fuck up outta there she not gon mess up a happy home"

"On some shit iont even think G would do some shit like that he a real nigga and he love her"

"I know but the power of pussy is lethal baby and us women are very vicious we can make a man do anything we harsh with our shit I admit it"

"Not all of us"

"Bitch all of us are you just don't see it or want to admit it"

My phone virbrated letting me know I got a text , it was from slim

Slimjim😘- come somewhere with me

Me- where 2?

Slimjim😘- just get dressed bby

Me- kk love

Yea me and slim been texting and I really really really really like him he cares for me and always worrying about me he even ask how my day went he checks up on me in the daytime to see if I'm alright or if I need something. He's so sweet and I adore him

I haven't talked to ace since the day he stood me up that's because I put him on block list his calls don't come through and his texts get trashed. I've decided to let him go Lord knows I've been needed to but hey it's easier said than done

I want to take a chance with slim see where things goes , of course we never talked about it I mean I don't even know if he feeling me or even consider being in a committed relationship with me, just thinking about rejection hurted

"What you gotta sad face for"bell said snapping me outta my thoughts


"If you can hun you can hear"

I rolled my eyes

"Whatever , can I ask you a quick question tho?"

She nodded for me to ask

"You think ima good catch"

She screwed up her face

"As in dating?"

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