True Or False

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Dasanii POV - 2 weeks later

I woke up and felt G wasn't by my side . I heard somebody singing , I got out the bed did my hygiene and made my way downstairs I smelt smoke coming from the back I knew it was G and I knew he wasn't alone .

Walking to the back my eyes skimmed the clock and I realized it was 2:30am , "why the Fuck is he up this early"I thought I kept walking until I got to the back door . I peeked out and saw Sharay back there with him she was the one singing . my green eyes came upon surface

Lately G haven't been spending time with me at all , I go to work and come home and he be out with Sharay at some event or the studio . we ain't touch each other in a minute shit we haven't even kissed and everybody knows that G can't keep his hands off of me

I know my man he had to have it so if he ain't getting it from me the only other person he spend his time with is Sharay ! She been getting on my nerves lately to she never been giggly giggle wit G and she never calls him by his full name I'm the only one can call him that.

I went back upstairs and layed down my anger was getting the best of me and I didn't want to be wrong and say they doing shit behind my back cause Lord knows if it's true , if it's murder I wrote that shit. Today I had off so ima see if G wanna spend time with me today , I wasn't going to the gym either so im really free


I woke up to silence , I must of had drifted back off to sleep I looked over at the clock and it was 1 in the afternoon. I went in the bathroom washed my face and brushed my teeth and threw some clothes on I had on my white chanel sneakers my blue ripped jeans and a white crop top that say Thick thighs saves lives. I straightened my hair and Let it flow I put on my hoops and made my way downstairs

Like I thought nobody was here I went back upstairs grabbed my phone and dialed G number. He let it go to voicemail just like the last 3 times

"Fuck it"I thought

I called Dee and she answered on the first ring

"Hey bitch I was just about to call you"she said She sounded eager to tell me something

"Wassup ? What's poppin?"

"Bitch hope got us tickets to lil bibby Concert !!"


"Yes the Fuck he did ! Bitch we gon go see bibby hoe"

"AHH oh my God girl we gotta go to the mall"

"I'm already on my way to your house be outside"


I hung up the phone and grabbed my purse and went downstairs I was excited I love me some lil bibby that's bae I can't wait to see him. Jus as I got the bottom step Sharay and G came in the house laughing like shit was funny , they stopped when they saw me I ain't say nun and walked into the kitchen , G walked in behind me

"Sanii wassup you can't speak"he said

I rolled my eyes

"Y'all walked in y'all can speak"

"Damn what's ya attitude about"

"Don't have one"I reached in the refrigerator and grabbed a bottle of water

"Must be you walking around here with ya ass on ya shoulders"

"When are you ever around me to see my ass on my shoulders?......oh Okay"

He had the stupid look on his face , I heard Dee beep her horn

"Where you going?"


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