Let It Be

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"Sitting here wondering why you don't love me , the way that I love you"

Dee dee POV

I just got in from going to Sanii , I realized that taking my life would be selfish when I got other people to take care of and be there for , when Sanii wakes up she's gon to need me and I wanna be there for her and the babies

I put slim on the block list , Ace hasn't contacted me and I thank God he said some heartbreaking shit and I lost all my sanity for a moment but I came back I realized I can't control what people do but I can control myself and what I do and what they do and think of me don't make me shit don't clothe me or take care of my needs therefore your opinion is noll and void

I am important , I am beautiful and if niggas can't see that then it's not my fault they'll be losing out I'm taking bell advice I'm loving myself first and if my king comes along I'll share that love with him . ima learn to speak up about my feelings and not let these Fuck niggas run over me I had enough

Just as I was bouta walk up the stairs the door bell ringed I jogged over there and opened it

There was someone I wasn't expecting someone I was avoiding that someone is slim

"H-hey Dee"he stuttered

Why was he nervous ? I sighed

"Hey slim"

"Can I come in so we can talk"

I moved to the side and let him in he walked into the living room while I picked the door. I walked in and he was seated on the couch I decided to stand. There was an uncomfortable silence until he he spoke

"What's happening between us , I feel like your falling back"

"I don't know"I said

"Did I do something wrong?"

I felt the tears coming up and I started to pace "come on Dee you can do it , tell him how you feel"I coach myself , I don't know why it's so hard for me , he's right here in front of my face. I wiped my tears away

"You did nothing"I said deafeated

"I did cause if I didn't you wouldn't be acting different or not taking my calls and you wouldn't be shedding tears"

"I'm fine okay , I think you should leave now"

"I'm not going nowhere until you talk to me . its been to long"

"Its only been 3 days"

"That's long enough ! , come here dee"he said sternly somehow that turned me on

I dragged my feet over to him and he pulled me down in his lap

"Talk to me"he said in a whisper like tone

I sighed here goes nothing

"I thought we had something you know , I -i umm I have feelings for you a-and you , your umm getting married and it hurts"

My heart was racing fast , get ready for the rejection Dee

"Damn man"he sighed"Lord knows I tried but Fuck it love conquers all" he turned me around so that I was straddling him "I'm in love with you Deemani , I tried to hold back my feelings because of ace but I can't no more I want you"

I was taken back , I was not expecting this to come out his mouth I expected to get friend zoned

"But you about to get-

"That was a promise gift but Fuck her you ain't gotta worry about her no more , I'm yours"

"Your mines"he nodded his head

I went in for the kiss , and it was how I imagined it to be , our lips were moving in sync , it hit more freaker within a minute. I longed for this moment

He picked me up and carried me upstairs whatever he was ready to do I was ready I was with it my body was calling his name
He layed me down on the bed and cuddled right next to me

"I just wanna cuddle with you"he laughed causing me to laugh then I got serious

"So it's just me and you right -together?"I asked

"Its just you and me Deemani you my girl now , all them lil niggas you betta let em know"

"What niggas , you better let them hoes know"

He kissed me giving me butterflies , the rain could rain on my parade and I'll still be happy

Naw beginnings on me ? I can deal with that


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