Momma please

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Dee Dee POV

"But I know you need to get done done done done if you come over"

I was watching slim rap along to drake he was laying across my bed moving along to the beat it was cute he was rocking his hips I pulled out my phone and got on instagram and recorded him I captioned it saying " Twerk Teams Finest book him😂😂😂" I tagged everybody in it and posted it

His phone lit up , I stood there he jumped up so fast I started running laughing outloud , he was chasing after me

"Take it down Dee"

"No you should have never been in my bed dancing like that" my laughs were hestrical this shit was too funny

Keenon POV

I couldn't sleep , I heard laughter in the living room but ain't feel like getting up I turned over pulling sanii close to me I started to get hard she smelled so good and all she had on was one of my t-shirts

I started to suck on her neck and rub on her fat loucious ass , my baby always been badd to me but with her working out it's taking her to a whole nother level these bitches still wouldn't be able to touch

She let out a soft moan letting me know she was aware , I slid my boxers down letting my dick stand to attention

"Sanii comere bae"


"Comere ma"

I helped her straddle me , she slide down on my dick slowly she was wet and tight we moaned at the feeling I've been longing to get up inside sanii now that I am it feels like heaven on earth

I pulled her upper body down on mine I bended my knees and started to pump in and out of her her soft plump lips found mine our tongues danced as soft moans and grunts came out our mouths she started to meet my thrus which took me over the edge

This shit was feeling so good there's no place I rather be right now

"Ohhh baby it feels so good"she moaned against my lips her eyes was shut tight I could tell she was bouta cum

I slowed my strokes down and started giving long deep ones, the pussy was feeling so good all my worries I had went away

I flipped her over and started to pound her

"Shit G "

She was mumbling some shit I couldn't hear clear , I felt her pussy clamp on my dick and her legs started shaking her juices splashed all over my dick and thighs

"Aaaahhhhhhh yes"she yelled loud

I kept beating the pussy up I was on the verge of cumming her shit was super wet I was moaning like a bitch I lifted her legs higher she started thrusting up meeting my strokes

"Shiitt..........Fuck buug"

I came inside of her , I kissed her lips before laying beside her. My breaths was uneven I felt my air way closing I was breathing hard as shit

"Babe sit up" sanii got up and went in her purse to get my inhaler that she has

I sat up tryna breath , she came back over to me and place the inhaler in my mouth and pumped I breathed it in she did it three times

I felt my lungs opening up

"You okay" she asked

"Yea baby I'm good" I pulled her into my arms hugging her

I just wanted to tell her right here right now what happened but I couldn't , I can't hurt her even tho I know Monica thot ass drugged me sanii won't see it like that , that's why im gon to go get proof in the morning

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