2 steps back

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Keenon POV

"Yo G there she go"slim pointed

We got a hit that someone seen Kenya at a hardware store so we've been sitting out this bitch for Atleast an hour , I know she wasn't getting shit out of there so she had to be waiting for somebody

"Where?"I looked hard

"Getting into that Red BMW with some bitch"

My eyes landed right onto the Car , it looked familiar real familiar whoever she was with i know

"Who she wit I can't see her face?"

"Nigga how I'm suppose to know im in here with you"

I put the Car in reverse and started to follow them out the lot , keeping my distances we were on the highway

"Bout time we get this bitch it's been a whole week"slim stressed

"She been laying low , she know im coming for that ass ,"

"What sanii say about all of this?"

"She wit it , she said she ain't going to jail tho so all this on me"

Slim laughed

"As in other words if the police come she don't know shit you was doing just legally blind"

"Fucking right"

"I can dig it"

Exiting off the highway my phone started ringing I let it go to voicemail right now I needed no distractions I had her right where I wanted her ain't no getting out of this

That's til I noticed we drive in a circle twice

"Don't tell me this bitch on to us"slim barked

"Naw look she going straight now I think they did that for caution ,"

Slim phone started ringing he picked up

"Wats brackin nigga"


"We not to far out of the area"


"Foreal , where at ?"


"Don't let that Fuck nigga out ya sight"he hung up his phone

"Aye G turn this muthafucka around we get this bitch another time"

I scrunched up my face

"Nigga naw this shit needs to happen to today" I made an left

"Man we got bigger fish , the ghost just resurfaced nigga lets go"

I clenched my hands around the wheel , the Lord was fucking around with me today , here I'm bouta settle one problem when the biggest one of them all just showed his Fucking face

I hit a you turn , I put Kenya to the side for right now but best believe ima get that ass

"Nigga this bet not be no joke"

"Ain't shit to joke about blood ,"

"Ima kill that nigga with my bare hands"

Heading back to the hood , I couldn't wait to get my hands on this nigga

Dee dee POV

Leaving from work I was heading over to sanii's to see if she was okay , I haven't spoken to bell since that day in the hospital and I know Sanii haven't talk to her either

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