Bring me the truth

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"Material things I can but myself if I really want to , ...... Just bring me you"

Dee dee POV

Slim grabbed me and pushed me behind him , bell had a big gash on the side of her face tryna charge at me but slim wouldn't let her get to me

"Babe move so I can give her this ass whippin"I said tryna get from behind slim

"You threw a vase that's a bitch move ! Bitch come fight me"

Bell really talking like I'm not bout it , acting like I ain't beat her ass before , she just talking all this shit and its making me even madder , so when I do get my hands on her ima rag tag that ass all over this house

"Y'all not fighting , cut this shit out !"

"Let your Bitch out from behind you dawg "bell said

"Calm down bell , y'all shouldn't even be fighting ova-"

Next thing I know I seen spit flying me and slim way , the hulk in me came out

"Bitch ! Bae beat her ass!"slim yelled

I gladly connected my fist with her face

Dasanii POV

My legs was sore , I just came back from physical therapy , I was laying down and G was in the chair next to my bedside the kids were with my mom. I didn't really want them to go but my mom begged me I really didn't want nobody to have my kids , yes I'm very selfish with them shit I just met my babies I want them around me every second of the day

"Have you been sleeping"he asked

I nodded my head yes

"No you haven't I see the bags under your eyes babe"

"I'm fine Keenon"

I'm afraid to go back to sleep , I don't wanna revisit what happened to me , every time I close my eyes I see and hear him call me Da'Naye..... I'm still at one who tf is Da'Naye?

"What's bothering you ma?"

"Nothings bothering me , but we do need to talk"

"About what ?"

"About you buying me a house , I get out of here in a couple of weeks"

"A house for us right ?"

I sighed , why he gotta make shit hard

"No , for me and our kids . G we are not together I told you that please don't make this hard"

"Time and time again I'll tell you the same fucking thing Sanii , We are together I don't care what you say stop worrying about what bell gon say , bitch need to mind her business and focus on herself"

"Why you keep bringing bell up I -

"Cause bell the only one that come up here and put shit in your head like yesterday I heard all that shit She was saying I wanted to send her ass threw a wall she lucky she ya friend , you need to check her"

"Why I need To check her?"

G moved around in his seat , he knew something I didn't know

"She's outtaline and putting on a facade , don't tell her Shit else about what's going on with us , that's always what she seems to wanna talk about"

He was right every time she come up here it's about G and how he ain't shit , I dont really think much of it

"Whatever , bell has nothing to do with my decision"

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