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Find someone that you can call your own
Cause now you're walkin in the danger zone
And if I touch you I'll be wrong

If you mess with my man, I'ma be the one to bring it to ya- Nivea

Keenon POV

"Yg that's Kash Monie, kash that's yg" Monica said introducing us

Baby girl is something nice, darkskin, fat ass , flat stomach she look similar to k Michelle, to say I'm not attracted to her would be a lie cause she just my type but one thing I'm not is a cheater , my loyalty run deep and everybody knows how much I love sanii

"How Ya doing Mr.yg"she said her accent was full blown I can tell she a New Yorker

"Wassup ma"

"I'm glad you agreed to do this I've been a fan since the very beginning when toot it and boot it came out"

I chuckled, that was awhile back that song got me up

"Oh really that's Wssp , but check dis out I ain't really neva did no shit Like this I Do have a wife-

"Wife really?"she cut me off

"Yeah I mean we ain't got papers yet but she's my wife and she wants to meet you before everything goes down , if you still want to do this"

"Of course your the one no questions asked and I don't mind meeting your wife"


Monica layed all the information on the table when we was to come out as a couple and all this other shit. This bitch giving me 20 mill to pose as her boyfriend I ain't even think twice it's easy money. I know sanii not really feeling it tho

I know it got a lot to do with her insecurities but she really doesn't know how beautiful she is and soon as she realizes it the world would be in her hands , I tell her everyday she's beautiful I mean it helps but it don't really matters if you don't think your beautiful yourself.

After the meeting I wanted to do something for her to show my appreciation, knowing sanii I thought she was gon leave me but she stuck around. I pulled up in my momma drive way she knows all the romantic shit. I got out the car and walked in

"Momma !"I yelled

She had slow jams playing and candles lit , I could smell food cooking making my nostrils smiling

"Boy what you doing here I'm ready to have company"

I frowned up my face

"Why you ain't got no clothes on and what company ? Ain't no nigga coming ova hea"

She had on this pink shear nightly with a pink shear robe to match , it made my skin crawl

"Boy I'm grown"she flagged me"what you want , I know you want something cause you don't show ya face unless you do"

I sucked my teeth

"Go head and sucked them teeth again boy you gon be picking them up off the ground "

"I wanna do something nice for sanii"I said

"Oh god what you do now?"

"What makes you think I did something, I can't do nothing nice for my woman"

"Cause ya always doing something, I heard yo ass haven't been cleaning up after yaself mhmmm sanii calls and tells me what's going on and about you posing to be somebody's boyfriend"

Sanii and my momma are like two peas in a pod , she like the daughter my momma neva had , even though I do have a sister but her and my Sista don't get along one day after they had a big blow up my Sista packed up her and my niece's shit and moved away never contacting us again that was 3 years ago and that's crazy I love my Sista and niece to death iont even know if they dead or alive.

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