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Keenon POV

"Yo blood"

"Ayo G I need you to meet me at this address I talk to Sanii she was there with hope she was suppose to be coming to my house but that was hours ago they both not answering they phone and the nigga is crazy"Dee said fast but I understood every word

"Send me the address I'm on my way"

I got up out the bed three on some sneaks and grabbed my .45 out the closet and headed to my car ... My heart was low-key pounding fast I did a silent prayer and asked God to protect my baby from whatever was going on

After what dee told me I needed answers ... Like why the Fuck she ain't tell me hope was a nigga and why the Fuck she over his house , I'll ask after I bring her to safety all I know is Sanii better be walking out without a scratch or nobody leaving that house

Once dee text me the address I sent it to slim and ace I needed my niggas just in case . I put the address into the GPS started the car and speed down the road on a mission


I was banging on hope door yelling and screaming for them to open the door , I knew they was in there cause when I pulled up the lights went off

"Sanii !"bell yelled banging on the window

A neighbor came out being nosey

"Ms. Did you see anyone come out this house"bell asked

"No but there was yelling and screaming I called the police but when they arrived nobody answered the door"

I started to panic I seen G and slim pull up at the same time

"Where she at is she in there"G asked

I was too shakened up to talk but bell filled them in on what the old lady told them. Ace walked up and I was praying he kept this about finding Sanii cause I swear I will split his shit of he start his mess

G was picking the lock but he was taking to long for me I pick up a brick and smashed his window and the door creacked open

"Really dee you couldn't wait"bell scoffed

"He was taking to long"

We all walked in quietly it was dark as Hell but you can see the house was in shambles everything was tore the Fuck up like a tornado came and fucked shit up

"Help ... M-me"

It was faint but we all heard it

"Sanii where are you we can't see"slim called out

I started feeling on the walls searching for the light , I finally found it and turned it on ... I was sickened by what I saw . I seen G body full with anger now I seen him mad before but this was a whole new level

Sanii was sprawled on the floor in blood mixed with pissed it smelled like , she was beaten her left eye was swollen shut and she has cuts and bruises . I never seen a grown man cry G was holding her in his arms mumbling something that I couldn't make out

Bell call the police , I stood there shocked looking at my lifeless best friend . I should have came over earlier this is my fault I been should have called G and told him but I wanted to save them an argument in hopes of them getting back together

I felt myself getting angry ... Hope better hope that I don't find him cause when I do it's gon be murder she wrote

"Slim and ace check the house to see if he still here"I said giving orders thank God they obeyed cause I would have hate to slap a pussy nigga silly

The Ambulance came and G wouldn't let Sanii go so they can help her , she had a low pulse they had to make to the hospital in order to save her

"G you gotta let them help her , let her go"bell fussed

Slim pryed his hands off of her and let the EMTs do their job


God please let my wife live I'll do anything I come to church every Sunday I'll stop sinning I'll give anything to have her here by my side how am I suppose to live without her , I can't live without her if she dies I'll kill myself right here like Romeo and Juliet

We were all in the waiting room waiting on Sanii condition . I don't know what I'm gon do if she don't make it man God mine as well take me if he gon take her

That nigga gon pay for what he did , he gon pay with his life on everything , seeing her like that did something to me and knowing I couldn't help her knowing I couldn't save her from the pain she was enduring hurt me even more

I blame myself

Its my fault

She wouldnt of left if I just put her feelings first , it hit me I finally understood what slim was explaining to me . I was blinded by the money I didn't realize I was disrespecting her making her look like a fool . tryna give everything and more I ain't realize that she ain't want none of it all she wanted was me

I still can't believe how can she love someone like me , a drug dealing rap nigga hoodlum straight outta Compton what does she see in YG . if she didn't know she makes me better she compliment me , make me look good and feel good about myself

I made her run into another niggas arms .... I fucked up

Momma sweet came and say next to me , on God iont feel like her shit but ima be respectful cause I respect her husband and I love her child more than anything

"She's a fighter"she choked out "don't worry your pretty lil heart everything gonna be alright"

"Its hard"I wiped the tears that were falling put my eyes

"God don't give is anything we can't bare , you gotta have faith" she said rubbing my back "my chocolate drop love you so much i remember the first time she told me about you her eyes lit up like how she use to look at her daddy"

She shook her head

"Its not that I didn't like you , I love you cause you make my daughter happy I just had to be hard on you back then cause I knew if you would have left her like her daddy She would've been heart broken all over again and believe it or not I was becoming attached to you to .... God you remind me of khalil so much it still scares me to this day its like he's living through you"

Wow I didn't know what to say but Now I know why she acted like that towards me .... She was afraid , I never met khalil but I heard he was a great man he was respected out in the streets he was a Don , making big money but one day he slipped up with a how and killed him ....

I was honored to know I remind her of him he was a gracious respected man .... Still in Compton he'll live forever ,

"Family of Dasanii jackson"


Back story of Dasanii dad ?

Now you know why ms sweet was hard on em !

What do you think gon happen to Sanii ?

Should G blame himself ? Or is it Sanii fault ?

Should Dee dee blame herself ?

How do y'all feel about hope ?

What do you think is wrong with him ?

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