Girl Talk

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This whiskey got me feeling pretty

So pardon if im impolite I just

Really need to ass with me I'm sorry

Bout thee other night-Rihanna

Dasanii POV

"So tell me what's going on girl?"dee dee asked

We were sitting at this bar on the beach the Sun was going down slowly music was playing in the background people were dancing the arua was so relaxing and chill

"Well some guy came up to me in the gym , he was fine long story short we made small talk he kissed my hand and G seen the whole thing"

"Were you all googly eyes n shit ? Sanii I know you when a fine man approach bitch you go weak"

I laughed knowing it was the truth specially the dark handsome ones

"I couldn't help it plus he licked them lips you know that sent me to over drive" we shared a long laugh "but you know iont want nobody but my kee kee my baby"

"Yea I know shit we all know that you could never stop loving that boy no matter what the case maybe even though iont like G but he feels the same way towards you yall love is real one day I hope to find love like that"

"You will TRUST me there is somebody out there for everybody shit you probably see ya soulmate everyday and don't even know it"

"You right shit he need to speak up then cause ace he done put my heart through it still is I just don't know what this attachment is"

"I can tell you what it is but you gotta promise me you won't get mad"

"Sanii if you don't go ahead and tell me"

Dee dee is mean but under that rock she is a delicate flower she's sensitive and sometimes takes things the wrong way

"Naw we gon save it for anotherday , he said he don't like the new me "I laughed

"He what?"

"He said now that I'm losing weight I think I'm the shit , I'm kinda hurt about that what was he tryna say"

"Girl he only said that cause homeboy was intrested don't over think that but don't take this the wrong way you was always that bitch and it was nothing wrong with ya size but now that you becoming a video vixen" we laughed at her statement " the "American" body dream more niggas been coming at you and he feel threaten"

"But I would never leave him so why he's tripping"

"Cause he got competition he already had to stay on ya ass now you really getting into shape he really gon have a tab on that ass watch "

We laughed bringing attention our way

"Ima talk to him tonight tho cause I don't wanna fight we just got done fighting I miss my baby"

"Yea I know you told me every single day"

"Shut up"

"Sanii something weird happened today"

I sipped my long island ice tea

"What happened?"

"Well slim came into my room to check on me but he was giving me this look and staring at me he said I was his favorite person and when ace came in the room and start kissing on me slim looked hurt , the whole time we were talking he made me feel ........i don't know but girl I liked it"

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