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"Ain't no wayyy I'm gon let you down"

Dasanii POV

Everybody was sitting around me talking , I was grateful to see them but I really wanna see G He hasn't made it here yet and its irritating my soul , he should have been the first one here

"Sanii I knew you wasn't leaving us"bell said "nobody would believe me though"

"Shut up don't start that shit"Dee said

"What's going on why everybody hiding shit , bell what's good? I know you'll tell it"

"What's going on is all these muthafuckas around you except me , ya parents , Ace and Shawnee is some fake muthafuckas"

"Bitch watch your mouth ! Why you gotta be so Damn messy ?"

"Dee please I'm far from messy I just speak the fuckn truth I mean it does set you free just look at me , I have no fucks to Give" bell said flipping her hair over her shoulda

"Y'all is a mess , what is you talking bout bell?"I said laughing but I wanted to know more , something wasn't being said and I want to know now

"I'm talkn bou-

She was cut off by the door opening I looked up and there was my man n a big smile spread across my lips , he was staring back at me smiling , I got butterflies in the Pitt of my stomach when he started to walk over to me tears were forming in my eyes and everybody else eyes were on us

G was now hovering on me neither one of is was saying at word we were letting out eyes and heart talk for us , he's still so handsome , he wrapped his arms around me tightly as I did the same I missed him and I could tell he missed me to , I didn't want to never let go

The tears finally fell , I felt droplets on my shoulder I know he was shedding tears , the whole room was silent letting us have out moment , I went to release the hug but G pulled me back and held tighter

"I'm not going nowhere baby"I whispered in his ear " I'm so sorry I left you with our kids alone"

"I love you so much Sanii , I thought you were gone"

"Im sorry"

"Its not your fault ma , I missed you so much" he kissed my neck and started playing in my hair which grew tremendously big and curly

I giggled

"I missed you to baby , where's our kids?"

He didn't say nothing

"Keenon"I poked him

"Hm?" he dug his face into my neck more , still holding me tight

"I kno you heard me boy , where's our kids?"

"They with the babysitter"

Dee dee POV

I pulled Bell into the hallway while Sanii and G were having there moment , there wasn't a dry eye in the room even slim let a tear slip watching them reunite
With G situation he got going on I just hope they can fix it like they usually do but something tells me otherwise , I know Sanii is gon to be pissed but I hope she can see it from G point of view also , at first I wasn't cool with him being with Kenya but after me and Kenya sat down she made me see from Gs point of view and slowly but surely I accepted it , even though I think G was forced into they relationship , I hope he didn't feel obligated to be with her Cause she was helping out with the kids ,

In a relationship you suppose to be all in I knew that would never happen due to Sanii I mean even if she would have never woken up no bitch can ever have G like Sanii got him , they love is strange but one of a kind . He never talked about Kenya the way he talk about Sanii , all he say about Kenya is "She was there for me" . I do feel bad for her though cause now Sanii back I know g ain't gon want nothing to do with her but the baby , G should have never started a relationship with someone knowing Wat can happen . I can already feel her pain loving someone who doesn't love you back ..... Its not a good feeling

"What?"bell said

"Cut it out with all that attitude"

"What do you want ?"

"I don't want you saying shit to Sanii about Kenya let G do it just mind your business and be there for her after he drops the news"

"He should tell her now , all that lovey dovey shit he doing in there he needs to cut it and tell her wassup Before she thinks everything cool , I don't want her To get dropped with that bomb later on !"

"Me and you both know G loves Sanii to death , you know they love real and if it comes down to it he'll always choose Sanii"

"He got until tomorrow or I'm telling her , you betta tell him "

She walked back in the room , bell been getting on my last fucking nerves , I know her only problem is not this situation , something else is bothering her and I don't know what but ima find out

Keenon POV

I turned my phone off cause Kenya was blowing me up , everybody left and it was just me and buug laying down in the hospital bed , kissing on each other , this seem like a dream to me looking at her and she looking back at me ,

"I just Want you to know I wasn't sleeping with him , I would never do that to you"

"I know"I kissed her lips

"But I know you were having some doubts when you found out I was pregnant"

"I was at first but then I pushed those thoughts to the back of my head I know my girl" she smiled "but Why you didn't tell me You was pregnant"

"I needed you to see that I'm way more important than money G , that's all you seem to care about , by any means necessary even if you hurt my feeling or made me look stupid and that night when you chose money over me .... I had to leave "

I didn't know she felt that way and i didn't even realize my actions everything I was doing I was doing for us not to make her look stupid .

"I'm sorry , baby I promise I won't ever make you feel like that again I don't want to lose you"

"I don't wanna lose you either"

I sighed knowing it's time to tell her about Kenya even though I didn't want to she had to know I don't know If this where it ends , if does I'll never stop fighting. Me and Sanii will get our happily ever after like we always planned... I love her with all My heart and if I can't have her I don't know what I'll do


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