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Hey guys y'all mad at me ?

Please don't be , I know I haven't updated in a whole that's because in working now , I now know my schedule and will be able to update on nights only

Sorry I took this long and thanks for being patient😁

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At first I thought this book was gon flop but y'all made it big and I appreciate that wholeheartedly


Kenya POV

"1...2...3 Push" the doctor yelled

I was exhausted and wanted nomore parts of this pregnancy, taking all the strength I had I pushed , tears was mixed with my sweat as I heard the piercing scream of my baby boy

"Its a boy !"

I held my arms out for him wanting to see him before they whisk him to the nurse's station

Dr.Teeg placed him in my arms and when I looked at him nothing but joy and happiness came onto me nothing else mattered at this point but this lil boy I helped create

He looks just like his father but has my nose , my baby boy is handsome I fell in love with just one look

"We have to get him to the nurse's station he'll be back"one of the nurse's spoke

"Do he have to go ?" I didn't want my baby out of my sight

She chuckled

"Yes he does , we have to get you stitched up also"

I nodded my head a lil sadden , I gave him to the nurse telling her that she better being him back to me safe and sound


Love Khalil Jackson

Thats what I named my baby boy . I believe he was conceived outta love I know G loved me I know he did , he wouldn't of let me carry his son if he didnt

It was night time nobody knew I had the baby I didn't plan on telling nobody for a couple of days im surprised the media ain't get wind of it but also grateful I wasn't ready for what I have planned and would like this time to spend with my son before the chaos start


I looked up to see a man in plain clothes , he was handsome and his dreads was nice and neat

"Who are you?"I asked

"You don't know me but I know you"he smirked I seen this gleam in his eyes and immediately got scared

"What you want?" i looked over at my son seeing he was peacefully sleeping

"Nothing , nothing at all , you've been getting yourself into some mischief"

Carefully sliding my hands across my bed I was going to pull the string to get help I didn't like his vibe and I feared for my life

"I wouldn't pull that string if I was you"he moved the string , grabbing the pillow from up under my head

"P-please , what do you want ?

"Revenge "

Taking the pillow he smashed down on my face , I didn't even try to out up a fight I know it was my time to go karma came and did the most disrespectful shit ever

Take me from my son.

I deserved it for killing Monica , blowing up G car paying people to shoot at him lying to the police tryna ruin his image

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