Old Friend

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"It seems since I was born I wake up every blessing morning down on my Luck and up against the wind"

Keenon POV

Sitting across from Dasanii , my mind stopped racing all my worries were beginning to settle I been up here everyday since last week when the hospital called me and told me there was activity going on in the brain for atleast 10 mins then it stopped

You can say I'm happy right now , that right there lets me know that god is working and my baby is fighting . as for the babies they are strong and growing everyday . yes we are having twins , I'm excited two bad ass lil Gs running around sanii him have a fit

Me and nurse Heaven got close , I'm glad she's Sanii nurse she cares about the patients she's passionate about her job we actually need more nurse's in here like that

Mama sweet calls me every now and then to check up on me , my mama calls everyday , they both come on the weekends and sit and talk with her .... I'm glad nobody giving up

The music is coming along great and me managing career is going real well , the money is flowing in all I need is for my baby to wake up , I be lonely

I got a lil hungry and decided to go get something to eat from the cafeteria , on my way down I bumped into someone making them drop their phone I picked it and once I got a glismp of her face , a smile instanly came upon mines

"Keenon ?"she said

"Wassup Kenya"

"Oh my God it's you !"she hugged me

I knew Kenya from high school I met her before Sanii , she was in a higher grade than us . Kenya always been cool but we stopped speaking when I got with Sanii , Kenya ain't have nothing against her or anything we just stopped hanging out

"Yea it's me , how you been?"I asked

"I've been good , I can tell you all about it . wanna walk me to the cafeteria ?"

"Ummm .... Yea I was just heading there"

Slim POV

"She's probably not answering for a reason , why are you so worried?!"Sonya yelled

"Because she's my friend Bill wit allat yelling shit"

"I'm not Convinced"

I didn't even convince myself , all the time me and Dee been spending together I got attached and fell for her , but I know she don't feel the same way I do ... I know Ace in love with her he may don't act like it but that's my brova I know and I don't want to step on his toes I don't wanna break the code

I think I made a mistake by giving Sonya Aka Kash Monie that promise ring and necklace , I don't even like her anymore like I used to because of Dee dee , I wish I would of got her first , she low key my baby and she ont even kno it I ain't even gon fraud about I love her

I thought by giving Sonya the ring it would bring us closer and I can get my mind off Dee dee but it didn't . it just kills me to be around someone I can't have. I feel like like she's ignoring me right now and I wanna know why

"Hellooo ? SLIM !"

"Dammit what ? Fuck is you screaming for I'm right here "

"You not even listening to what I'm saying"

I got up off the couch grabbing my keys , I'm not staying here

"So you gon leave ?"

"Yup I'll probably be back iont know 9 times outta 10 I won't"

I walked out and slammed the door , jumping into my car I headed towards dee place

I needed some answers , I longed for them .......


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Thoughts on Kenya ?

Now you know how slim feel

Do you think it's genuine?

Should he care about how ace feel about her ?

Of he gets with her would that be against the code ?

Will Sanii ever wake ?

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