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"Aint no women like the one I got , No one can Fuck me better"

Keenon POV

Its been 2 weeks and I'm still beating myself up about what happened between me and Kenya it was good but when I bust my nut I came back to my senses after and I feel fucked up . I was in the moment but that was still no excuse . I couldn't even look my daughter in the face the next day she looks so much like her mother it felt like I was staring directly in her face I feel so bad

"Wasp G you quiet ova there"Mack said

I was at slim brib bhilling with the homies , the L's were in rotation as usually , I couldn't even focus on the convo we having

"Man...... I fucked Kenya"I blurted out

Ace jumped out his seat

"Are you serious man"he yelled

"If you don't keep ya muthafuckn voice down nigga"slim said

"Man I fucked up"I shook my head " I wasn't thinking straight"

"You got feelings for shawty"Mack asked

I didn't really know the answer to that she been there holding me down so I guess I had feelings I know for sure I'm not in love with her

"Yea....I do"

"Listen bruh ima tell you this and I'm not tryna be mean or nothing like that I love Sanii like a sister but it's been a long ass time iont think she gon come up out of that coma"

Slim nodded in agreement , I shook my head disagreeing

"She gots to man we got kids"I crooked out just thinking about her never waking up was fucking me up all over again I put in my mind that my baby was just on vacation

"You gotta let go if you ever wanna be able to move on"mustard said

"Ain't nobody saying forget her we can never forget her but it's been a year I know she wouldn't want you to wait on her"slim spoke

"Ha! Y'all must not know Sanii the way y'all think y'all do , my sista wouldn't want G to move on and y'all kno it"ace said

"Nigga shit up she ain't even like you"Mack said

They laughed

"Yes she did , she was just mad at me because of Dee dee , we use to be tight before that, right G"

I nodded He was right him and Sanii use to be real close they were both silly that's why that clicked instantly , she use to think slim was gay back in high school , I laughed thinking about the time she asked me that

"Listen on some serious shit , you got a good girl in front of you and she not gon wait for you , if y'all feeling each other go for it , I know you will be feeling like you leaving Sanii behind but your not , she's in your heart forever dawg and I know she wouldn't want you to be lonely she would want you to find someone that's good to you and ya kids and that's Kenya. Don't lead Kenya on if you not ready though bruh"

Mustard was right , Sanii wouldn't want me waiting for a never possibility , it's gon hurt but I have to if not for me for my kids

"G listen to me not these niggas , you should wait man your gonna regret this shit ! Don't do it"

I waved ace off I ain't listening to his ass he ain't never had a relationship before ,

I'm not ready yet tho I still have hope ..... I'll be a fool if I have up that easy





Should G move on?

Was the guys advice valuable ?

Should he listen to the other guys?

Should he listen to Ace?

Thanks for reading

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