Party N Bullshit

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I know you're gone on that liquor, ain't you?
Getting throwed with me, baby ain't you?
Only one I be giving game to
These dudes mad cause they really ain't you - k Michelle

Keenon POV

Sanii was putting my t shirts in my suit case, I was all packed up and ready for slim to come get me , Sanii was moping around the house

She does this every time I'm bouta head out and go on the road I get sad too cause I don't wanna leave my baby but I told her she don't need to work, she could always come with me but this black women independent pride shit she got going on in the way

"Baby come here"I called out to her she strutted her sexy ass over to me and sat on my lap

"You gon miss me when I'm gone"I asked

"Yes I don't want you to go , why can't the people come to the city"

"Baby you know shit don't work like that , I'll be back before you know it all you do is sleep when I'm gone"

"Says who ? I be partying"

I sucked my teeth

"Stop lying you know you be in here crying n begging for me n shit"

"No I don't , I don't got to work all this week so me and Dee Dee gon be outchea"

"Yea Ard , no clubs , no Niggas in this house and you got curfew at 12 I ain't playing "

"Keenon please I'm grown"

"You heard what I said, let's not get that ass beat now"I said smacking her thigh

"Beat who , Yg stop while you ahead before you write a check Ya ass can't cash"

"Oh I can cash it alright"

The door bell ringed and I already knew it was slim

"Nooooo"she whined hugging me

"Come on buug get up"

I got up and let slim in

"Hey sista"he said giving her a hug

"Don't let nothing happen to my baby slim"

"I gotchu" he grabbed my bag and took it to the car

"Come here cry baby"

I wrapped my arms around her squeezing her ass , I kissed her forehead , nose then lips deepening the kiss she let out a soft moan I pulled back

"I gotta go baby ima call text and face time you"

Tears were running down here face

"Come on buug don't start"I wiped her tears"I be back okay"

"Baby I don't want you to go"she broke down

I swear every Fucking time I got a tour she do this

"Cut it out"I grabbed her holding her "I be back I promise"

She shook her head okay I kissed her lips and let go I got in the car and we pulled off , sanii waved all the way until we was outta sight

"You ready for this tour nigga?"slim asked

"Yeah man let's turn the Fuck up"

Dasanii POV

After Yg left I went upstairs and got in the tub , I was still upset my baby left and would be gone for a whole 2 months now , somehow the tour got expanded but me and hope and Dee Dee going out tonight to club 666 to have some fun

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