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Hey you guys 👋

This next chapter will have some false information , sorry I didnt feel like researching , I had got a lil writers block I had to rewrite this chapter cause wattpad deleted it so I had to start over ...... Forgive me


Dee dee POV

"Sanii you sure you okay , you looking a Lil green"I said

"Yea I'm fine, its just probably a stomach bug"

She was sitting on the couch with her legs folded dipping her her ketchup chips into peanut butter. A light in my head went off

"Sanii are you pregnant?"

"Who have I've been fucking?"

"G?"bell asked

"No , we haven't had sex , sex is the last thing on my mind with him I still got some shit to figure out and to add into that his babymomma is playing herself"

Sanii did look like she gained some weight her hips were spreading and her boobs were bigger than before I mean it's only been a month since she's been up so maybe she was eating alot I don't know , but I got this funny feeling that she's pregnant

"Dee stop looking at me like that I am not pregnant"she spat

"If your not lets go to the doctors"

"Ard lets go"

She got up slipping on her slides

"If G was in them pups it's okay sanii"bell teased

I'm glad she been acting like her regular self lately . we made up or whatever but I still ain't appreciate her spitting at me thats total disrespect that I won't get over which means I gotta keep my eyes open cause if she can spit at me she'll kill me

Sanii ran to the bathroom we both ran behind her , she was throwing up She wasn't getting no type of air to her lungs she just kept at it , it wasn't stopping. I started seeing globs of blood mixed in it and decided to call the ambalance

I was scared

"Sanii breath !"I rubbed her back , she was gasping for air , she started to throw up again this time with large amounts of blood

"Bell call G now !"

Kenya POV

I walked in the office and sat down , I was the least bit nervous for what I'm bouta do , I'm such a Damn good actress , that by the time I finish I'll have the whole world against Keenon and that's not even half of my plan

In walked in the man that's gon to set this shit in motion I gotta thank my baby Monica for this idea

"Hey Harvey"I stood up giving him a hug

Yes you guessed it I'm at the TMZ Headquarters about to put G to Bed

"Hi Kenya ? Are you ready ?"

"Yes "

I followed him to the set it was a few other people out there with me I know questions were going to be asked and I had answers so I'm straight

G should have thought this through when fucking with me . his Bitch only added fuel to the fire when she talked that hot shit in the bathroom . y'all might think I'm being really spiteful but y'all not in my shoes. I basically went through Hell and hot water to actually get g were I wanted him ... I almost had him but just like brandy said almost doesn't count

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