Clean Up

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It was 3 in the morning, the rain was coming down hard , it had woken me up with its hard beatings against my window pane. I got up making sure I don't wake up my longtime boyfriend Keenon

He is the love of my life , I never thought I would date a rapper but he came and changed the game for me , with his fame he never changed up and that's why I love him to pieces and he didn't care about how I looked he told me everyday I am the women he needs I believe him cause he show me everyday.

Growing up was hard for me I got bullied because I didn't look like other girls , by 9th grade I was a full grown woman a curvy woman. I was what the old men preferred "A Brick House" Ass tits and hips I got it , My thick thighs made dicks rises. My skin is dark and I have a stomach but I evened out the weight I carried but I was still considered a fat black bitch ! Most kids called me a witch cause I was born with a set of misty ocean blue eyes

For a long time nobody took interest in me until I met my best friend Dee Dee we met in the 10th grade , she was what the boys recommended skinny light skin nice hips and itty bitty waist. I never imagined we would be friends we was partners on a science project and became Bestfriends ever since , she helped me a lot with the bullying and self esteem problems with out her I wouldn't have seen 11th grade kids were really cruel I was nothing but a fat black bitch to them

Eventually I defined my self as beautiful and didn't care what nobody else had to say cause I am beautiful and with that new found confidence the boys started to holla for a dollar but I only had eyes for the cutest boy in school which was keenon , he was new and I snatched him up before any otha hoodrat tried . He's been my life ever since

I got up and went to the bathroom to get ready for work I was a CNA on my journey to become an RN . After I was done I got dressed, keenon was stirring in his sleep he felt on the bed looking for me

"Baby where Ya at"he said sleep all in his voice

"I'm right here I'm bouta leave out"

"What time is it?"

"It's 6:35"

He sat up in the bed and eyed me

"Who you looking sexy for , with them tight ass pants on"

He does this every morning I had on what every other nurses wear -- scrubs

"This is my uniform and you know it so please stop"

"Wrap a shirt around Ya waist iont wanna have ta blow dat muthafuckn hospital down"

"Be bool"

"Don't be using my slang"

I walked over to him and kissed his lips

"I see you later okay"

"Ard baby I love you"


"Aye Dasanii stop playing "

I giggled

"I love you too YG and don't have slim and ace all in my refrigerator nigga"


I got to the hospital 30 mins later , Dee Dee was waiting at my locker for me I clocked in and began putting my things away that. Didn't need with me while I made my rounds

"Wassup girley"she said

"Hey boo"

"Yg gave you a hard time this morning?"

"Yea but it wasn't as bad like usual, yo ass ain't call me back last night either what ace had you bending ova all night"

She blushed and tapped my arm lightly

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