No No No

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Got my mind in the palm of my hand
Don't want to lose it
Fingertips covered in oil, oil
From the blood of tears that I spilled, on the white carpet
Certainly almost called and I said
Fuck it all - Elle Varner

Dasanii POV

We was at the concert and it was popping I was amazed at how so much people support and love my husband the love is real and I feel every ounce of it I love it

"Iont know who y'all came here wit tonight , but I came wit my niggas!" G yelled on the Mic the beat dropped and everybody went wild even me

"I said that ima ride for my muthafuckn nigga most likely ima die with my finger on the trigga I been grinding outside all day with my niggas and I ain't going in unless I'm wit my niggas , my nigga , my nigga"

Everybody was rapping the song wit him but when nicki came out the bitches screamed so loud I had to cover my ears I started to rap her verse and G was looking at me smiling

" I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I just got 250 thousand dollars for a verse, nigga
I-I don't know, is it me or it's your thirst, nigga?
You nig, you niggas ain't got no joints
Like a injured Chris Paul, you ain't got no point
I just come through with a couple bossy bitches
They get money too, they some "don't cross me bitches"
Flossy bitches, Sergio Rossi, bitches
And if we at the game then it's floor seat, bitches!
I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I ride for my bitches
I'm so fuckin' rich I cop rides for my bitches
Dollar menu fries, apple pies, out the bitches
I drop a freestyle and get a rise outta bitches; bitches, my bitches
I need a nigga with some Diff'rent Strokes - Todd Bridges
Shout out to my MAIN bitches and my side bitches
Need a nigga with some good neck - ostriches
... My niggas"

The concert was live I was screaming out Mustard on the beat hoe , that's really my Fuck brova 🙌

"I want y'all to meet someone special to me tonight , she been hiding but I brought my baby out tonight"

My palms started sweating in my head I'm like G nooo my heart started racing he knows I hate being put on the spot , I had the biggest smile on my face

"Come on out baby"

I was bouta take a step until Monica grabbed my arm I turned around and was bouta curse her out until she pointed to the stage
Kash was walking towards him , the crowd was screaming out oohs and awes , I felt salty as shit , I felt my heart slowly sink to the bottom of my stomach

He grabbed her into his embrace they were smiling and giggling I knew this shit was fake but the shit looked so real and I couldn't help but to be sad and jealous . I don't like this shit

"Damn I need some fries with this salt I got"I thought to myself

Dee grabbed my hand I know she felt my aura

"Come on lets go outside" I followed suit but turned around cause the crowd went wild kash and yg was kissing , my heart was pushing out my ass now I was mad

Why would he not tell me this shit was gon happen but tell me to come knowing I was gon feel some type way about this shit , I was ready to go out on the stage and smack his ass but dee tugged on my arm , I ain't even know I was trying til she pulled my arm

Tears was forcing their way up but I was blanking them away

"Chill sanii you know it was just a stunt"

"I don't care the wedding is off"I said pacing back and forth

"Shut up don't be stupid , you told him you was okay with it"

"No I didn't he already signed the papers so I had no choice but to agree"

"No sanii you did have a choice you could had left but you stayed and the only reason you stayed was because you know he only have eyes for you and he loves you to the end of this earth , he would do anything for you"

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