When your Mad

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Dee dee POV

I was laying in the bed with slim , we just came back from IHOP at 1 in the morning I was tired , dead tired. Don't get me wrong I appreciate our dates but going out late at night early mornings were starting to get to me , me personally I don't give a shit about aces feelings cause he ain't care about mine I get where slim coming from this was what I wanted but this secret shit was starting to piss me off

And I'm not gon fraud cause I'm not no fraudulent type of girl what bell said got to me not fully though cause me and slim been fucking non stop but the secret shit hit a nerve , ace gon have to deal with our relationship either way cause I'm not letting slim go , that's out. He fucked up and the next lucked up that's how the game go baby miss one next 15 one coming in the words of Gucci Mane with his fine ass , done lost weight and got sexy

"Baby"I called out to slim I wanted to have this conversation quickly cauwe a badd bitch had to be to work in the morning and I needed sleep


"Are you , well we , are we ever gon to tell Ace about us , I mean we can't hide it forever eventually you gon wanna marry the queen"

He laughed then grabbed my hand

"You tryna get a nigga on lockdown already hun?"

"You already on lockdown but these hoes don't know it yet once they see me with you they gon know that's me and know not to cross them lines or speak about mines"

"What about these niggas"

"Oh we can't do nothing about that baby they gon come reguardless"I said feeling myself causing us to laugh at my silliness

"Yea don't get these niggas fucked up lil baby"

"What about these niggas tho , I'm only checking for my baby"he pulled me closer to him and I wrapped my leg around him

"Who ya baby?"he squeezed my ass

"You my baby"

"Baby ? I thought I was daddy"he laughed

I hit him in his chest twice

"Stop playing slim"

"Ayo who you hitting like that , don't make me tear that was up"He grabbed my face roughly kissing me on my lips I playfully rolled my eyes

"Baby answer my question so I can get some rest"

"What question?"

"Slimmmmm"I whined kicking my leg

"Cut it out"He grabbed my leg "hand me my phone"

I reached ova to the Night stand and grabbed his phone handing it to him. I watched as he searched threw his phone picking a picture of me and him kissing n putting it on his istagram with the caption

All these bitches but my eyes on you 😘 , my baby I love you like a fat kid love Cake Ma #ImTaken @Too_Litt__

I kissed his lips feeling a relief , now the whole world know that Slim is committed to me , I know we gon have a few haters but they just him have to fall in line cause me and my baby gon be forever , ima make sure

"Thank you baby"I said

"Anything for you , I just want you to know that you was never a secret to me"He kissed me "As a man I should stand by what I do and I'm sorry I didn't do that it will never happen again"

I'm not gon fault him for that cause we both agreed to keep it low Key , I understand the reason behind it cause I would have done the samething

"I love you"

"I love you too ma"


I grabbed my keys when I heard the bell ring , I was rushing cause as usual slim made me late tryna get a quickie that turned into a 2 hour love making session. He wore me the Fuck out I don't know how we both got up I'm exhausted . the bell ringed again

"I'm coming !"

I opened the door and to my surprise Sonya AkA Kash Monie was standing at my door with her hands on her hips and a mug on her face I mugged her right back , me and her had a few run ins in the past I can tell you right now I don't like the bitch , I don't know what it's gon to take for this bitch to get the hint that Slim don't want her nomore he's mine , I wanna put my hands on her but slim told me not too .... But he's not here right now

She had on this tight black dress with some black givenchy heels I had to give it to her those was some fly ass shoes I might have to cop those. Her hair was in a bun and she was poppn gum. Iont even know how this flea found out where I lived better yet why the Fuck she on my door step.

I rolled my eyes

"Why are you here ?"I snapped

"Where's our nigga , he ain't text me back last night then I look on instagram n see that but was post"

Strike one

"Bitch if you don't get off my door step with the shits - how you even know where I live"

"I've been here a few times"

Strike two

"Don't come back to my house , if you do ima shoot you , don't nobody got time to play these childish was games with you , we are together I advise you to respect our relationship or shit won't be as smooth for you "

"What makes you think he'll stay with a weak was bitch like you"

"The only thing weak is your wack ass career hoe , my first and last warning I don't wanna see your face Fuck off my property"

"I'm Still fucking slim -

Before she could even say anything else I punched her in her mouth

"Bitch get the Fuck off my property!"

Holding her mouth , she tried hitting me back but I pushed her making her fall

"I'm pressing charges"she yelled out

"Call the popo hoe "

I slammed the door , I didn't even feel like going to work anymore I slide out my sneakers and plopped down on the couch , I pulled out my phone and dialed slim number , I heard what that bitch said , did I believe her Hell No slim be with me He go wit G then come right home to me , if she think her saying that was gon do something she thought wrong

Bitch better run a check !

He didn't answer , I slid on my shoes and headed out the door going to see my bestfriend ..... Can't wait till she leave the hospital


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