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Keenon POV

I knocked on Monica door , it's time for me to let her go , she crossed the line with her shit Foreal, she opened the door she had on lace booty shorts and an white half shirt

"Can you go put some clothes on"I asked

"Keenon please, ain't nobody worried about you"

I pushed past her and stood in the living room I was Tryna make this shit quick and easy so I can get back to sanii

"So what brings you by G?"

Already this bitch was acting clueless and I ain't got time for this

"Lets not play dumb Monica you know what you did and it was fucked up"

"I don't know what your talking about"

"I know ya fast ass put something in my drink and that's what led us to fuckin"

"Oh woww of course you trying to make yourself believe that , what else you slipped in it too?"

"Its the truth and you know it , in my right mind I wouldn't fuck you if you wanna be serious , you a smart girl but you trashy"

"Nigga please I wasn't trashy when I was riding ya dick and you was yelling my name"

"Liess bitch and you know it"

"What you come over here for I know not to argue , what you want some more?" she had her hand on my chest , I smacked it down

"Fuck no I came to fire your ass, ya done Monica"

She stepped back and smiled

"Oh no im not fired G , unless you want wifey to know"

"What makes you think she'll believe yo trashy was"

"Cause pictures and videos don't lie so what I'm thinking is I keep my job and you break me off with dick whenever I want"

This bitch outta her mind

"Monica don't play with me"

"Keenon I'm not playing I'm dead ass the choice is yours , wifey would never find out unless you tell her"

This shit was too much for me right now , this bitch right here blackmailing me , if we was back in Compton I would have dropped her where she standing, I don't know how I got myself into this sistuation

What I need to do is tell sanii what went down but I know I would still lose her , and I can't stomach the thought of not having her around I mine as well be dead and gone

The real reason I was tryna rush us to get hitched is because of this shit right here I figured it's a better chance that she would stay and work it out if we were married. Either way I'm not doing this shit

"Bitch you out ya mind but I'll tell you what , you can keep this job but I swear I will kill you if sanii ever get a hold of them pics or videos ya thot got"

I was gon tell her to pass em up but I know that was never gon to happen

"I mean even a glismp I will kill you"I added

"I see things will have to go the hard way but okay"

"Monica think I'm playing , play pussy"

"But at the end of the day I'm not the one who will be getting fucked , so for right now we'll leave it as is but know that I will be getting what I want"

"Don't write a check yo ass can't cash cause if sanii find out I'm not the only one who will be fucked, I know you remember that ass whippin clearly"I laughed

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