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Dasanii POV

"G been looking for ya ass you need to call him and talk I hate lying to him it sound like he going off the deep end"dee said

"I'll talk to him When I'm ready"

Shit he chose money over me I'm hurt and confused on if ima continue this relationship or not. I love him but a good friend told me if he can't respect you first he can't love you with love comes respect and Keenon been mighty disrespectful towards me

"No you need to do it today , y'all love each other it's been 3 weeks now I think he learned his lesson"

"Dee I didn't leave to teach him a lesson I left because I needed to I realized I allowed him to get over on me that's why he kept doing it cause I kept taking him back not this time"

"Y'all about to have a baby together,"

"We can co parent the shit ain't gon be hard unless he make it hard"

"So you really wanna break up with him? Y'all can work this out y'all always have don't let it 32nd like this"

"I don't know what Ima do yet , he values money more than me we gotta baby on the way and I don't want my child going through that him putting money before our child feelings" I said sadden by the thought

"Y'all can try counseling , just don't walk away , I would hate to see both of y'all heartbroken believe it or not sanii you love this man and being away from him for 3 weeks I know you over there going crazy just like he is"

She's right I'm missing G something crazy but I can't continue to let him do me like that ...self love comes first and now I have a child coming I have to show them what love really is no doubt G loves me but it's the selfish kinda love and iont want my child growing up around that

"Dee iont want to talk about this no more"

"No we are him talk about this I don't wanna see this black love fade y'all are gonna go through these minor bumps in the road"

"But Damn how many bumps are there left"

"A lifetime bitch , you just gotta pick the perfect person to go through them with"

I smiled as I remember G telling me he chose me to get through them bumps with........that boy will be the death of me

"We need more time apart , it's for the best"

"Well where are you staying?"

"Hope let me get his guess room so I wouldn't have to pay for a hotel room"

"Did I hear you correctly , did you just say hope?"

"Yea wh-

"Bitch you got 2 seconds to pack to shit and get yo ass outta there FAST !!! Quick bitch skip hop jump do what you have to do"


"Do I really have to explain ? G is gon to murda both of you if he finds out you staying with another nigga , bitch you playing yourself and you know it and plus Hope likes you and your vulnerable right now niggas will take advantage"

"Hope won't do that and he doesn't like me iont know where you got that from"

"A blind dog can see that shit but seriously pack your things and come over NOW ! Before things get even more complicated then they are now"

"I'm a grown ass women I can handle myself hope cool he ain't gon try nothing"

"I don't feel right with you over there sanii now please come to MY house don't make me come over there and come get you"

"I'll be fine"

"Sanii listen hope is a little off in the head just come to MY house please"

"Okay now you scaring me into shit that's not true calm down"

"Just come please it would ease my mind"

"Alright Dee , I want your bed "

"Anything you want"

We said our goodbyes and I went to pack , dee scared me with that hope not all there in the head shit , it only scared me because I have been noticing it , him calling me his wife and being really obessesive with me for instance I'm his background on his computer screen I asked him how he got the pic he told me I sent it to him but I don't remember that shit ... I knew he was lying

Something wasn't right with him I should have been left


As I was coming downstairs with my things hope walked through the door and I got scared

"You leaving ?"he asked

"Y-yeah I'm um going to dee house , she needs me"

He just stood there looking at me I was scared to move

"Your not going nowhere"

Dee dee POV

Its 1:00 in the morning and Sanii still wasn't answering her phone I even called hope but his crazy was wasn't answering either

"Maybe she changed her mind about coming"bell said I gave her That is you fucking stupid look

Sanii Would have called me now she not answering her phone I feel it something ain't right , I been knew hope was off He had that look in his eye and I knew he had a thing for Sanii shit the whole hospital know

"If she don't call in the morning I'm going over there"

You know what Fuck that .

I dialed the number

"Yo Blood"

"Ayo G .........


Dun dun dun 😯

What do you think happened ?

Should Sanii have went over there ?

What do you think dee said to G?

You think she gon to tell him ?

Should Sanii stay with G or work it out ?

Someone is gonna get hurt or even die who do you think it is ?

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