Moving Day

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Dasanii POV

"Babe do you think this is really a good idea?"Keenon asked he was sitting on the bed watching me fold the towels and rags

"Yea I mean what's the problem"

"I just thought that we would work on us without interruptions , honestly I don't think we should get into they mess"

"Babe she's my cousin and don't have nowhere to go I can't just leave her on the streets , trust me I don't want to get inbetween that mess either I juss can't have her on the streets"

"I mean she's grown now , she has to learn on her own"

"Keenon stop being heartless you wouldn't want anybody to do that to your sister"

"If my sister needed a reality check yea I would , tootsie not even mad about her going to hair school I talked to George that girl ain't telling you the correct story"

"What's the correct story , since you know so much"

"She's disrespectful smoking and drinking partying n carrying on bringing niggas into the house where she dont pay no bills at ... Grown or not she needs her ass whipped"

"She's 19 G she gonna live and make mistakes don't forget you were 19 before and you made hella mistakes"

"I learned from mines I'm on the straight path "

"And so will she"

"Well since she gonna be staying here her ass will be taking a Bill which will be the heat , and I need it on time or she getting her ass out"

"Keenon shut the Hell up"

"I'm serious , we ain't suppose to have no guess we suppose to be getting us together and fucking all around the house can't do that while she here"

The door bell ringed

"Boy shut up and go get the door and help her with her bags"

"Bags? Sanii you gon pay for this"

I threw the pillow at him


I don't know why Keenon making a big fuss him and Ray Ray are cool he just mad we won't be able to Fuck all around the house. He in the dog house anyway


"I really appreciate y'all letting me stay here"Ray Ray said

"You fine girl I'm glad another girl is here with me I get tired of Keenon"

"Oh you get tired of me?"he said grabbing my waist from behind "You wasn't saying that last night"

"Shut up"

We all was laughing

I Sat down on the couch and turned on the tv my phone blinged with a message I opened

Hope: hey sanii💙

Me: hey hope

Hope: you busy ?

Me: naw what's up?

Hope: wanna go get drunks tonight at 666

Me: so I can wild out again ?

Hope: I promise I won't let you go over ya limit

Me: Ard What time ?

Hope: 8

I looked at the time and it was 7 just enough time to get ready

Me: Ard

Hope: k

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